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Childhood's End

Gene Simmons, Bruce Kulick, Tommy Thayer

One of the earliest songs for "Carnival Of Souls" that Gene had demoed, though it was originally untitled. Gene recalled, "We haven't decided on a title, maybe 'Childhood Ends.' It's sort of about the loss of innocence. We're all born and we don't think about killing or anything, and then once the innocence of virginity or the virginity of innocence is gone... That one's very dark, sort of like a hymn but again as I started listening right away you hear a sort of kinship to 'Revenge,' so we're not straying at all" (KISS Crazy #17). "Childhood's End" marked a further collaboration between Gene Simmons and Tommy Thayer with input from Bruce Kulick. The song was based on a basic chord signature and melody brought in by Tommy.

According to Gene, Bruce "Came up with the verse chord patterns and played one of my favorite solos on the 'Carnival Of Souls' record" (Box Set Liners). The song has caused quite a bit of confusion to some who think it to be something of an autobiographical piece. According to Gene, "Despite what people read into it, the title is taken from an Arthur C. Clarke book I love. Nothing more" (GeneSimmons.com). The subject matter was simply about "Two friends, one of whom died before his time, and the other one who lived and reminisced about his missing friend" (Box Set Liners).

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