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Hard Rock Music

Peter Shepley, Mike Brand

Had there been a single released in support of the Chelsea album then the 5:10 "Hard Rock Music" probably would have been the song used. Apart from appearing on the album it was the sole track from the band appearing on the MCA "Sound Conspiracy" album. This sampler even saw release in Australia (Decca COP/S 4524) with a slightly altered cover, though nothing could help sell product that just didn't stand out.

The back cover sampler details a brief bio on the band, which states: "Lewis Merenstein, who produces Van Morrison, Bill Rose, and Turley Richards, among others, produced this first album by the New York based group. The LP was recorded in part at the late Jimi Hendrix's Electric Lady Studios. Backing the group on the album is John Cale, formerly of the Velvet Underground and now out on his own." This song would simply be titled "Hard Rock" on the New Zealand release of the album.

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