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Love's A Deadly Weapon

Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Rod Swenson, Wes Beech

While Paul and Gene had written "Deadly Weapons" back in 1980/1 the song's transition to the form it would take in 1985 was rather drastic. Taking the chorus of the original demo, "Love's a deadly weapon / And murder's on my mind (murder's on my mind) / I don't wanna threaten / I'm leavin' you behind" only the first two lines would survive, though some of the music would be incorporated in the new song.

In 1984, as work began on the follow-up to Wendy O. William's "WOW" album, "Kommander Of Kaos," Gene Simmons was again considered for the role of producer. While he would have to pass due to the other projects he was working on, he would do some pre-production work with the band and heard a demo of a song by Rod Swenson and Wes Beech, called "Party." Gene liked the riff from the song and borrowed it (hence why Swenson and Beech are credited on the album even though they didn't sit down with Gene and Paul to write the song). With a little arrangement of the old and new parts, Gene had a song with an interesting history!

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