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Frank Tolstrup

This is a song by the Norwegian band Shirley's Temple, written by guitarist/vocalist Frank Tostrup, which Gene purchased for use on his solo album. The song was originally released as the title-track of the band's September 2002 EP on Capitol/EMI and would also become the title of Gene's album. The band were inspired by KISS and have recorded a cover of "God Of Thunder" for a Norwegian KISS tribute due in 2004 while the rest of their future seems undecided. Gene made minor lyrical changes to the song changing "But you got a personality / Just like a bucket of pee" in the first verse to "But you've got a personality (yeah) / Just like a bucket full of pee."

In the chorus "Dumb as a sheep... Asshole" was changed to: "You look like a sheep (ba-baah)... Asshole." The second verse would be changed from "You've really got no shame / You disrespect my name / Does lying make you feel alright? / Then tell me, how do you sleep at night?" to "You know you've got no shame / And you've got such a stupid name / And one day you'll finally shut your trap / 'Cause you are the cream of the crap." Additionally, a third verse would be omitted completely: "Your humor value reeks / I'll bet your self-esteem is weak / One day you'll get it in your life / 'Cause you're the cream of the crop." Shirley's Temple provide the backing music with Gene simply recording his vocals over an instrumental track and fiddling with the arrangement.

A couple of edits were issued promotionally: the {Radio Edit) with the "Ass" in "Asshole" beeped out; and the (Sheep Edit) with the "Ass" in "Asshole" bleeped out with additional sheep sounds... Both edits were issued on the early radio single for the song that also included the album version of the track.

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