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Thrills In The Night

Paul Stanley, Jean Beauvoir

Written by Paul Stanley and Jean Beauvoir. Jean Beauvoir appears on the track on bass and backing vocals. Jean had become involved in the KISS camp during the "Creatures Of The Night" tour when his then band, fronted by the outrageous Wendy O. Williams, the Plasmatics, opened for KISS. As a musician Jean was much more than many might have expected from being tall and dark with a blond Mohawk!

Released as the second single in the United States in early 1985, backed with "Burn Bitch Burn," the single didn't chart. The single edit version shortened the song from 4:21 to 3:57. Oddly, instead of shortening the song by starting the fade out earlier, during the final three repetitions of the chorus, this edit deletes half of the first verse. The lyrical section which is cut: "Ties her hair up and her blouse buttoned tight / Gets her work done as she waits for the night... / All the people, tell me what would they say / If they knew her, how she hides it away." A video was made for the track, which was originally intended to be a concept piece. Concept segments were filmed in Louisville, Kentucky on December 16, 1984. Directed by Albie Vos the "concept" idea was abandoned with the video instead becoming a live performance piece using parts of the December 8 show in Detroit which was filmed for MTV.

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