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Under The Gun

Paul Stanley, Eric Carr, Desmond Child

According to Eric, "I had nothing to do with the song after the initial rhythm thing. What happened was Paul and I, I think at rehearsal or on a day off, went in the studio. I just started playing a double-bass beat, I heard some accents in my head. I said: 'Paul, why don't you play these three chords...' I think it's like D - A - D - A - D - A... We started fooling around with that and we liked it. And then we didn't go anywhere else with it. Paul remembered that part and wrote 'Under The Gun'" (KISS Neon Glow #1, 1992). Eric would get some of his most noticeable backing vocals on this recording, hollering out "Fire!" during the bridge. Jean Beauvoir plays the machine-gun bass on the recording.

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