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Lonely Is The Hunter

Gene Simmons

On this Gene Simmons song it was felt that Mark St. John was not able to provide a suitable guitar solo for the piece. As a result Paul made a call to Bruce Kulick and asked him to come in and do a solo. Bruce recalled, "Recording a guitar solo for the 'Animalize' album which was before I actually joined the band was a real cool experience. The whole thing went really well, and after it was over I remember Paul saying to me 'don't cut your hair' and as soon as he said that I figured I might one day be asked to join KISS" (Firehouse #75).

Bruce also recalled the situation which led to this work with the band: "Paul called me in the summer of '84. My brother had always told him that he should call me, and somebody else that was close to Paul said the same, and out of the blue I got the call. I think at that point Mark St. John already had some of his problems with his hand. I know Paul was very particular about what he wanted Mark to play, and I guess he just figured he should get somebody in there that is close to the circle. As you know my brother did that quite a few times. I came down, and I played the lead on 'Lonely Is The Hunter'" (Scream #46).

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