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Gene Simmons

The first man to shout "You wanted the best..." on a KISS "live" recording was Jr. Smalling, KISS' road manager at the time. Jr. came up with the band's new introduction after being inspired by a Toyota commercial that had a similar sell line (Gooch, Suhs - KISS Alive Forever)! However, Sean Delaney has also claimed that it was he who originally came up with that introduction, having ad-libbed the line when introducing the band on stage at the Academy Of Music on December 31, 1973. He commented, "I walked out proudly onto the stage that I co-created, opened my mouth and ad-libbed these words" (Goldmine).

Unfortunately, the current existing audience recordings of that show begin with the start of "Deuce," so there is currently no way to validate Sean's claims. Prior to the "You wanted the best..." introduction the band were introduced either with a simple "please welcome KISS" or "give a warm [Insert City Name] welcome to KISS." A more standardized intro would sometimes be used with something that went along the lines of "Put your two lips together for KISS."

While this was generally the opening song during this period, in the context of "Alive!" it is slightly more important. This was the first song, and first experience of the band, for photographer Fin Costello when he first shot the band at their March 21 show at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. It was around this time that the band and their management decided to pursue the live album as their last chance gamble. Fin went on to photograph the band for the "Alive!" album cover, posed in what Gene considered the "Status Quo" pose!

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