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Larger Than Life

Gene Simmons

The last of the songs featuring Bob, this was the first new track recorded at the album sessions. For some strange reason the band continues to attribute the guitar playing on this song to Rick Derringer. Bob Kulick is somewhat brutal about that point in an interview with Dale Sherman: "And also that Rick Derringer story... Did he ever say that he'd played on those records? I don't think so. Absolutely not. Ask Gene and Paul. They know what I played on. It's common knowledge, everyone knows" (Dale Sherman - Black Diamond III).

Even Rick's official website is clear about his involvement with KISS - It DOES NOT list "Alive II" as a KISS album he appeared on, but does list the other album (refer to the "Lick It Up" album section for details) on which he did do un-credited guitar work. Another guitarist on the track was Gene Simmons, playing 12-string acoustic. He'd written the song while inspired by the drum-driven sound of Led Zeppelin material, though KISS also qualified for the definition of "Larger Than Life" in 1977.

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