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King of the Night Time World

Kim Fowley, Mark Anthony, Paul Stanley, Bob Ezrin

Since this song wasn't performed during the "Love Gun" tour or during the visit to Japan in early 1977, it seems likely that it should be placed in the same category as "Hard Luck Woman" and "Tomorrow And Tonight" as a studio or rehearsal recording with audience overdubs. However, theoretically, there were other shows professionally recorded in the 1976-7 timeframe, namely Anaheim, CA on August 20, 1976 from which base tracks could have been obtained. Eddie Kramer had been hired to record that show, but as collectors with the DVD know the audio track that circulates is substandard. Because of its inclusion on the album the song returned to the band's live set for the "Alive II" tour.

Eddie Kramer has commented on the construction of the second live album, "There was some live stuff, it was cut in between. But look, quite frankly, who cares. If people enjoy it, it doesn't matter. It's only a live set, we made it sound as live as we could. A lot of the difficulties was when they played and jumped around on the stage, nothing stayed in tune and nothing was played very accurately. It was all done for the sake of the show, so you have to be creative and make it sound good, sometimes you have to go and cut new tracks, sometimes you overdub, sometimes you use what was already on tape from the live show, fix it up, and make it sound better" (Music Today).

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