KAOL 3 - The Spirit Of '78

Without a doubt, "The Spirit Of '78" has been long anticipated for the fans of the KAOL projects. The "World Without Heroes" project, which interrupted the planned schedule for the final installment in the KAOL Trilogy was an incredible project that blended written fiction, in the form of the Dale Sherman novel, with high quality tribute music which accompanied the chapters. Ground breaking and unique. Though, the wait for KAOL3 seemed to go on forever! What must be stated is the incredible work that the KAOL artists and producer Kathy Labonte, have done since the original KAOL CD back in 1997. Finding a charity, especially in the name of Eric Carr, for the Wisconsin Children's Hospital was very worthy, and seeing KAOL attain the $5000 donation to have a placque in Eric's name should warm the heart of every KISS fan, knowing that something so positive was done in the name of the deceased "Fox". With that goal attained, the charity shifted its' focus to Alzheimers Disease. As my Grandmother died in January after suffering from that horrible disease for years, I can only add my approval at the charity choice for future proceeds from KAOL. Those of us who have seen Alzheimer's sufferers, both our loved ones and those unknown to us, know how that disease is the most heinous, robbing the sufferer of everything, and leaving them a shell, leaving the loved ones as the bearers of pain seeing the decline from which nothing can be done more than making the person as comfortable as possible. Enough said, this is about music.

KAOL3 is the highpoint of the series. It is the culmination, therefore, the most experience that those involved in the project have learned along the long road has been applied to the package on the whole. The artwork and packaging are incredible, and the inclusion of bonus items has seen KAOL follow in the footsteps of Casablanca - though KAOL's "premiums" have gotten better and better. For this final installment, you get a cool magnet and window sticker. This KAOL set is now a double-CD package...

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