CAT #1 (4/97)

When this album was released in 1994 I was quite pleased that after a twelve year absence Peter was back with some new music. It's just a pity that the album sucks (IMHO). Wile I've rained praise on Out Of Control (1980) and Let Me Rock You (1982) the material featured on Cat #1 is just weak poppy filler. I now doubt that I'll ever listen to it again. It's a shame that it's so poor because I've heard alot of Peter's demo material over the last decade, and alot of it is very good - indeed most of it is far superior to this album. The only thing I can say positively is that three tracks feature Ace Frehley on guitar, so it was good to hear the Bad Boys reunited on a studio album.

I really dislike the first three tracks, "Bad Attitude", "Walk The Line", and "The Truth", to me they just don't work as product. "Bad People Burn In Hell" is reasonable, and anyway I like the title! "Show Me" and "Good Times" plod along while "Strike" just annoys. The best track, "Blue Moon Over Brooklyn", is a touching power ballad, it's a really nice tune. I found "Down With The Sun" indifferent, while "We Want You" was very plain. The final track, naturally, is "Beth", seeing yet another release. I did used to like Beth, but it is so overplayed and over-released that I have very little time for it these days. The packaging is cool with the split face of Peter half with makeup half without. The front cover clearly advertises "Special guest ACE FREHLEY" making the whole package seem more like a PR exercise to cash in on Peter and Ace's names. Cynical? Perhaps, but I know Peter can do much better! Perhaps we'll hear better Peter material on the upcoming KISS reunion studio Lp....

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