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Section 1. This section covers known recordings of Rainbow/Wicked Lester and Kiss' club period, 30 I 1973 - 22 XII 1973. There are few recordings, and only one show plus parts of two anothers widely circulate (because they were officially released). Thanks Kiss!

Rainbow/Wicked Lester

1971, March ?
Richmond College
Staten Island, NY
Set list: Little Lady / About Her / Love Her All I Can / Keep Me Waiting / Suitor / First Time Around / Eskimo Sun / Stanley The Parrot / It's A Wonder / Movin' On / Sweet Flora / Sunday Driver / When I Awoke / Let's All Fly Away / She / Simple Type / I Am A New Man / She Goes
Notes: Three sets comprising Rainbow's first live performance at Gene's former college. This show was recorded and was one of at least five shows that Wicked Lester played, and the only known live recording from that band.
Quality: This recording does not widely circulate.

Kiss in the clubs

1973, March 11/12
Electric Lady Studios
New York City, NY
Set list: Deuce / Cold Gin / Strutter / Watchin' You / Black Diamond
Notes: Produced and engineered by Dave Wittman supervised by Eddie Kramer.
Quality: Perfect, though only "Deuce" and "Strutter" have officially been released.

1973, June 6
Dynamic Studios
New York City, NY
Set list: Unknown.
Notes: KISS booked some studio time to rehearse new songs for the set.
Quality: Unknown if recorded, but presumably if you're rehearsing you want to listen back...

1973, June 16 (First Set)
The Daisy
Amityville, NY
Set list: Nothin' To Lose / Firehouse / Life In The Woods / Simple Type / Acrobat / Deuce / 100,000 Years / Black Diamond
Notes: This, and the partial second set, is probably the earliest surviving Kiss live audio recording. The Daisy became the second venue where Kiss played after their five-week performing hiatus following the debut shows. Owned by Sid Benjamin, the venue "was no bigger than a living room," (Metal Muscle #1, Spring 1986) according to Paul. Crowds were generally well under 100, though the band used Sid's office to hype their performances to people calling in. The Daisy would be the real proving ground for the band through June 1973 as they honed their live performance and their visual appearance evolved.
Quality: This recording finally started circulating in 2014.

1973, June 16 (Second Set)
The Daisy
Amityville, NY
Set list: Strutter / Watchin' You / Sunday Driver... {rest unknown}
Notes: Recorded and mixed by Eddie Solon on a nine-channel 27 input Peavey Sound System.
Quality: This recording finally started circulating in 2014.

1973, September 2?
23rd Street Rehearsal Loft
New York City, NY
Set list: Strutter / Firehouse / Watchin' You / Let Me Know / Life In The Woods / Acrobat
Notes: As noted in KISS Magazine #2 ("Into The Vault by Jeff Suhs), this recording was from a rehearsal conducted at the band's loft.
Quality: This recording finally started circulating in 2014.

1973, September 24/25
Bell Sound Studios
New York City, NY
Set list: Let Me Know / Nothin' to Lose / Acrobat / Firehouse / 100,000 Years / Let Me Go, Rock And Roll / Baby, Let Me Go // (possibly also recorded) She / Love Her All I Can / Simple Type / Keep Me Waiting / Life in the Woods / Strutter / Deuce / Black Diamond / Go Now / Watchin' You / Cold Gin
Notes: The Bell Sound demos were essentially a quick and dirty recording of Kiss' then song catalog done live in the studio during a two day period, September 24-25. Studio time was booked in two four-hour blocks between 1-5:00PM. As a result, the songs retained their original live arrangements. The purpose of the recording was to provide producers Kenny Kerner and Richie Wise an overall idea of the band's material for consideration and selection of what would be recorded for the debut album. Four songs of the six known recorded tracks were released on Kiss' "Box Set" (2001), the rest is pure conjecture of what is known to have been in the band's sets at the time and may or may not have been recorded. It is included here since it is essential a live recording, albeit in a studio. However, one must wonder if the band re-recorded demos that had been recorded earlier in the year at Electric Lady (seems unlikely with limited time/budget).
Quality: Very reasonable.

1973, December 21
The Coventry
New York City, NY
Set list: Deuce / Cold Gin
Notes: This show was filmed, but filmed over the following night leaving only the first song intact. Half of "Cold Gin" remains. Even before the beginning of this show, a frame of the band rehearsing remains ("Into The Vault by Jeff Suhs). The "KISSology Vol. 1" DVD "Easter Egg" suggest that the performance of "Deuce" is from this show, but it's from the following night's show and lacks the "In Concert" info bit prior to the band's introduction.
Quality: This recording does not widely circulate.

1973, December 22
The Coventry
New York City, NY
Set list: Deuce / Cold Gin / Nothin' To Lose / Strutter / Firehouse / Let Me Know / 100,000 Years / Black Diamond / Baby, Let Me Go
Notes: It was long known that the band had filmed their final club shows, though the recordings didn't surface until 2004, at which time Bill Aucoin registered the copyright of the video! The show was included as a general bonus disc included in initial pressings of the "Kissology Vol. 3" DVD package. Like the 12/31 "Academy of Music" show, "100,000 Years" still includes the fourth verse.
Quality: This recording is a historic document even with the visual and audio short-comings from how it was filmed.

1973, December 31
Academy Of Music
New York City, NY
Set list: Deuce / Cold Gin / Nothin' To Lose / Firehouse / Let Me Know / 100,000 Years / Black Diamond
Notes: This show was Kiss' industry professional debut opening for Teenage Lust, Iggy Pop, and Blue Oyster Cult. While their set was short the band's performance was notable as being the first occasion they performed with their iconic lighted 4x10' "KISS" logo that replaced the spider-web backdrop they'd been using. The logo was a surprise gift from manager Bill Aucoin. Gene also set his hair on fire, though it wasn't his first public fire-breathing attempt (as legend as previously suggested). According to one contemporary review of the New Year's Eve show, it "almost proved disastrous as the hair of bass guitarists/lead vocalist Gene Simmons, weirdest in make-up, caught fire. A roadie quickly covered it without a note being missed" (Kirby, Fred - Variety 1/2/74).

The band were even mentioned in a major review of the show: "After a fiery opening set by Kiss (an "American Black Sabbath" on Neil Bogart's new Casablanca label) and the ribald antics of Teenage Lust, the Stooges assaulted the audience with wave upon wave of material from Raw Power" (Rolling Stone #153, Jan. 1974, Gordon Fletcher). It was at least a mention of the band's name. This show bookends the band's club era.
Quality: The sound quality of most versions of this recording is generally poor, but listenable. The "Tolvis" version is the best, a solid VG.

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