Demo & Rare Song Reference List

This page is essentially an index of song/demo/lyrical idea listings that appear in the KISSFAQ book "ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE: THE MUSIC OF KISS" (formerly "THE KISS & RELATED RECORDINGS FOCUS: MUSIC! THE SONGS, THE DEMOS, THE LYRICS, AND STORIES!"), though that work has over 1800 entries including studio and official releases. The numbers that preceed the entries are the chapter and item numbers, and in the book discussions on the history and details can be found for most entries. Some of those marked XX may be mentioned briefly in other entries in the work or needed to be added by the author.

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06.01. More (Younger Generation, Vinnie Vincent)
06.02. Summer In The City (Younger Generation, Vinnie Vincent)
06.03. Don't Bring Me Happy Together (Younger Generation, Vinnie Vincent)

The Barracudas 7" two song single...

01.01. Affection (Barracudas, Peter Criss)
01.02. It's Been So Long (Barracudas, Peter Criss)
02.01. Stop, Look To Listen (Uncle Joe, probably c1970)

Sounds Of Soul 10" three song acetate (there is a second acetate from this session with three original songs by the band)...

01.03. Chicken (Barracudas, Peter Criss - Questionable)
01.04. No Use (Barracudas, Peter Criss - Questionable)
01.05. Since I Fell For You (Sounds Of Soul, Peter Criss)
01.06. My Girl (Sounds Of Soul, Peter Criss)
01.07. Respect (Sounds Of Soul, Peter Criss)
01.XX. Unknown Title (Sounds Of Soul, Peter Criss)
01.XX. Unknown Title (Sounds Of Soul, Peter Criss)
01.XX. Unknown Title (Sounds Of Soul, Peter Criss)
02.02. Never Living, Never Loving (Paul Stanley, Post War Baby Boom)
05.01. Your Turn To Cry (The Cellermen, Eric Carr)
05.02. I Cry At Night (The Cellermen, Eric Carr)
05.03. Drum Solo (Eric Carr)

Cellarmen 7" two song single...

05.04. No Matter How You Try (The Cellermen w/ Crystal Collins)
05.04. When You Grow Tired (The Cellermen w/ Crystal Collins)
05.06. No Matter How You Try (The Cellermen w/ Crystal Collins - Live Rehearsal, two takes)
05.07. When You Grow Tired (The Cellermen w/ Crystal Collins - Live Rehearsal)

The Vintage 7" 1 song & Gene Klein 10" two song acetates...

01.08. What Is A Man (The Vintage, Peter Criss)
01.09. The Gypsy (The Vintage, Peter Criss)
05.08. Then I Made A Wish (The Cellermen)
05.09. I Found You (The One I Adore) (The Cellermen)
05.10. Touch Me (The Cellermen TV Performance - Doors Cover)
03.04. Eskimo Sun (Gene Demo on 1969/70 publishing tape)
03.05. Little Lady (Gene Demo on 1969/70 publishing tape)
03.06. Moon Maiden (Gene Demo on 1969/70 publishing tape)
03.07. Stanley The Parrot (Gene Demo on 1969/70 publishing tape)
03.08. Chimney Sweeps (Gene Demo)
03.09. Leeta (Gene Demo on 1969/70 publishing tape)
03.10. About Her (Gene Demo on 1969/70 publishing tape)
03.11. The Amen Corner (Gene Demo on 1969/70 publishing tape)
03.12. Black Moon June (Gene Demo)
03.13. Against The Grain (Gene Demo)
03.14. Feel Lazy Today (Gene Demo on 1969/70 publishing tape)
03.15. Put On Your Slippers (Gene Demo on 1969/70 publishing tape)
03.16. A Story (Gene Demo on 1969/70 publishing tape)
03.17. When I Awoke (Gene Demo on 1969/70 publishing tape)
03.18. A Reevus In The Eye (Gene Demo on 1969/70 publishing tape)
03.20. My Mother Is The Most Beautiful Woman In The World (Gene, Questionable)
03.21. Turtle Soup (Gene, Questionable)
03.22. I Am A New Man (Gene Demo » "Weapons Of Mass Destruction," 2003)

03.19. My Uncle Is A Raft (Gene Simmons)
03.23. Simple Type (Gene Simmons)
03.24. Doot-Doot Song (Gene Simmons)
03.25. She Knows (Gene Simmons)
03.26. I Rearrange (Gene Simmons)
03.27. I'm Going Down (Gene Simmons)
03.28. A Friars Song (Gene Simmons)
03.29. Level Headed Lady (Gene Simmons)
03.30. Too Young (Gene Simmons)
03.31. She's Tubeless (Gene Simmons)
03.32. All It Takes (Gene Simmons)
03.33. Slip Shot (Gene Simmons)
03.34. Movin' On (Gene Simmons)
03.35. Horse-Drawn Carriage (Gene Simmons)
03.36. Just Ask Me What (Gene Simmons)
03.37. Nancy (Gene Simmons)
03.38. We'll Always Be Together (Gene Simmons)
03.39. Banner Day (Gene Simmons)
03.40. A Crown To Wear (A King May Always Ask For Wine) (Gene Simmons)
03.41. I'd Like To Please You Everytime (Gene Simmons)
06.04. Push It Through (Hunter, Vinnie Vincent)
06.05. Where Have All The Schoolgirls Gone (Hunter, Vinnie Vincent)
06.06. I Don't Need No Lover (Hunter, Vinnie Vincent)
06.07. Jam Session (Hunter, Vinnie Vincent)

The "Wicked Lester" remix reel...

04.xx. Singapore Sling (Ace, alleged "Molimo" song - Questionable)
04.xx. Face Down (Bourbon St.) (Ace, alleged "Molimo" song - Questionable)
04.xx. My Way Or No Way (Ace, alleged "Molimo" song - Questionable)
04.xx. Dead And Gone (Ace, alleged "Molimo" song - Questionable)
04.xx. Street Coroner (Ace, alleged "Molimo" song - Questionable)
04.xx. Don't Knock It, Until You Try It (Ace, alleged "Molimo" song - Questionable)
04.xx. Bitter End (Ace, alleged "Molimo" song - Questionable)
04.xx. Soul Searcher (Ace, alleged "Molimo" song - Questionable)
11.01. Suitor (Rainbow, Gene & Paul - Live)
11.xx. Little Lady (Rainbow, Gene & Paul - Live)
11.xx. Keep Me Waiting (Rainbow, Gene & Paul - Live)
11.xx. Goin' Blind (Rainbow, Gene & Paul - Live)
11.xx. Eskimo Sun (Rainbow, Gene & Paul - Live)
11.02. First Time Around (Rainbow, Gene & Paul - Live)
11.03. It's A Wonder (Rainbow, Gene & Paul - Live)
11.04. Movin' On (Rainbow, Gene & Paul - Live)
11.05. Sweet Flora (Rainbow, Gene & Paul - Live)
11.06. Let's All Fly Away (Rainbow, Gene & Paul - Live)
11.07. Long Long Road (Wicked Lester)
11.08. Sweet Ophelia (Wicked Lester)
11.09. Love Her All I Can (Wicked Lester)
11.10. Keep Me Waiting (Wicked Lester)
11.11. Simple Type (Wicked Lester)
11.12. She (Wicked Lester)
11.13. Too Many Mondays (Wicked Lester)
11.14. (What Happens) In The Darkness (Wicked Lester)
11.15. When The Bell Rings (Wicked Lester)
11.16. Molly (Wicked Lester)
11.17. I Wanna Shout (Wicked Lester)
11.18. Sweet Ophelia (Wicked Lester, Alternate Version)
11.19. Love Her All I Can (Wicked Lester, Alternative Version)
11.20. Keep Me Waiting (Wicked Lester, Alternative Version)
11.21. Simple Type (Wicked Lester, Alternative Version)
11.22. She (Wicked Lester, Alternative Version)
11.23. Too Many Mondays (Wicked Lester, Alternative Version)
11.24. (What Happens) In The Darkness (Wicked Lester, Alternative Version)
11.25. When The Bell Rings (Wicked Lester, Alternative Version)
11.26. I Wanna Shout (Wicked Lester, Alternate Version)
11.xx. Too Many Mondays (Wicked Lester, Gene Vocal)
01.20. Red Greene (Chelsea Demo)
01.21. Darling (Chelsea Demo)
01.22. You Make Me Feel (Chelsea Demo)

Peter Criss commercial reel for "Budweiser"...

01.23. Beck (Lips Demo)
01.24. Baby Driver (Lips Demo)
01.25. Don't You Let Me Down (Short Version)
01.26. Dirty Livin' (Lips Demo)
01.27. You're My Woman (Lips Demo)
01.28. Don't You Let Me Down (Lips Demo - Original Version w/ Amato guitar)
01.29. Don't You Let Me Down (Lips Demo)
01.30. Don't Let The Blues Surround You (Lips Demo)
01.31. Hooked On Rock And Roll (Lips Demo)
01.32. I'm Gonna Love You (Lips Demo)
01.33. That's The Kind Of Sugar Papa Likes (Lips Demo)
01.xx. Death, Rattle, & Roll (Alleged Session, Gene, Paul & Peter)
12.01. Celebration (Tommy James, Gene & Paul)
12.02. Weddin' (Lyn Christopher, Gene & Paul)
12.03. Celebrate I & II (Lyn Christopher, Gene, Paul & Peter)
12.04. Unknown Songs (Mr. Gee Whiz Session, Gene & Paul)
12.05. Various Commercials (Gene, Paul & Peter)

The KISS Demo...

13.01. Deuce (KISS, March Demo)
13.02. Cold Gin (KISS, March Demo)
13.03. Strutter (KISS, March Demo)
13.04. Watchin' You (KISS, March Demo)
13.05. Black Diamond (KISS, March Demo)
13.06. Acrobat (KISS, Clubs Live)
13.07. Go Now (KISS, Clubs Live + Rehearsals)
13.08. Baby, Let Me Go (KISS, Clubs Live » "LMGR&R")
13.09. Life In The Woods (KISS, Clubs Live)
13.10. Keep Me Waiting (KISS, Clubs Live)
13.11. Simple Type (KISS, Clubs Live)
13.12. Got To Give Me More (KISS, Clubs Live)
13.xx. Who's Your Baby (KISS, Clubs Live » "Got To Choose")
13.13. Firehouse (KISS, Live @ The Daisy 6/73)
13.14. Life In The Woods (KISS, Live @ The Daisy 6/73)
13.15. Simple Type (KISS, Live @ The Daisy 6/73)
13.16. Acrobat (KISS, Live @ The Daisy 6/73)
13.17. Deuce (KISS, Live @ The Daisy 6/73)
13.18. 100,000 Years (KISS, Live @ The Daisy 6/73)
13.19. Black Diamond (KISS, Live @ The Daisy 6/73)
13.20. Strutter (KISS 23rd Street Rehearsal 9/73)
13.21. Firehouse (KISS 23rd Street Rehearsal 9/73)
13.22. Watchin' You (KISS 23rd Street Rehearsal 9/73)
13.23. Let Me Know (KISS 23rd Street Rehearsal 9/73)
13.24. Life In The Woods (KISS 23rd Street Rehearsal 9/73)
13.25. Acrobat (KISS 23rd Street Rehearsal 9/73)
13.xx. Bell Sound Studio Demos (Likely more than on "Box Set" - assumption)
14.11. Mistake (Gene Simmons)
14.12. From Where You Belong (Gene Simmons)
14.13. Two Bits (Gene Simmons)
14.14. Girl Who Makes People Smile (Gene Simmons)
14.15. All It Takes (Gene Simmons)
14.16. Dreamer (Gene Simmons)
14.17. Got To Give Me More (Gene Simmons)
14.18. She'll Do It Again (Gene Simmons)
14.xx. Parasite ('73 Outtake - alleged)
14.xx. Watchin' You ('73 Outtake - alleged)
14.xx. Life In The Woods ('73 Outtake - alleged)
14.xx. Much Too Young/Acrobat ('73 Outtake - alleged)

Creation 7" two song single...

14.19. Deuce (KISS, Dick Clark TV 3/29/74)
14.20. Nothin' To Lose (KISS, Dick Clark TV 3/29/74)
14.21. Firehouse (KISS, Dick Clark TV 3/29/74)
14.22. Black Diamond (KISS, Dick Clark TV 3/29/74)
14.23. Firehouse (KISS, Mike Douglas Show TV 4/29/74)
14.xx. Love Theme From KISS (KISS, Live)
14.xx. Kissin' Time (KISS, Live @ the Winterland)
15.11. Too Young (Gene Simmons « "Acrobat")
15.12. Mad Dog (Gene Simmons)
15.14. Red Nails (Gene Simmons)
15.15. High And Low (Gene Simmons)
15.16. Got No Pity (Gene Simmons)
15.17. Ladies In Waiting (Gene Simmons)
15.18. Reputation (Gene Simmons)
15.19. Great Expectations (Gene Simmons)
15.20. Kansas City Kitty (Gene Simmons)
15.21. Into The Void (Gene Simmons)
15.22. Mr. Miracle (Gene Simmons)
15.23. Lady's Blisters (Gene Simmons)
15.24. Non-Stop Express (Gene Simmons)
15.25. Life Preserve Us (Gene Simmons)
15.26. Blood And Guts (Gene Simmons)
15.27. Drive Me Wild (Gene Simmons)
15.28. Who's Gonna Care (Gene Simmons)
15.29. Svengali (Gene Simmons)
15.30. Starry Eyed (Gene Simmons)
15.31. Parasite (KISS, July 1973 Demo)
15.32. Who's Your Baby (KISS, July 1973 Demo)
15.33. All The Way (KISS, July 1973 Demo)
15.34. Mainline (KISS, July 1973 Demo)
15.xx. Strange Ways (Out-take, Gene Vocal)
15.xx. Strange Ways (Out-take, w/ 7min Drum Solo)
05.11. Just My Imagination (Salt 'N Pepper, Eric Carr)
05.12. Black Magic Woman (Salt 'N Pepper, Eric Carr)
05.13. Misty (Salt 'N Pepper, Eric Carr)
05.14. Summertime (Salt 'N Pepper, Eric Carr)
05.15. Coordination (Salt 'N Pepper, Eric Carr)
05.16. Down By The River (Salt 'N Pepper, Eric Carr)
05.17. Stranger (Creation, Eric Carr)
05.18. Baby, I Want You (Creation, Eric Carr)
05.19. Work Song (Creation, Eric Carr)
05.20. I'm So Lonely (Creation, Eric Carr)
05.21. Something Tellin' Me (Creation, Eric Carr)
05.22. Looker Of The Glass (Unknown, Eric Carr - Questionable)
05.23. What Are You Today? (Creation, Eric Carr)
05.24. Fairy Shoemaker (Creation, Eric Carr)
05.25. People (Creation, Eric Carr)
05.26. Rock Steady (Creation, Eric Carr)
05.xx. I'm So Lonely (Creation, Eric Carr - Single Version)
05.xx. Something Tellin' Me (Creation, Eric Carr - Single Version)

16.33. Anything For My Baby (KISS, 1/75 Demo)
16.34. Rock And Roll All Nite (KISS, 1/75 Demo)
16.12. Always Near You (Gene Simmons)
16.13. Back Where You Belong (Gene Simmons)
16.14. Two Bits (Gene Simmons)
16.15. All It Takes (Gene Simmons)
16.16. Daddy Longlegs (Gene Simmons)
16.17. She One Of The Boys (Gene Simmons)
16.18. Seduction Of The Innocent (Gene Simmons)
16.19. Dressed To Kill (Gene Simmons)
16.20. Wet And Wild (Gene Simmons)
16.28. Doncha Hesitate (KISS)
16.21. Deuce (KISS, Midnight Special TV 4/1/75)
16.22. She (KISS, Midnight Special TV 4/1/75)
16.23. Black Diamond (KISS, Midnight Special TV 4/1/75)
16.24. C'mon And Love Me (KISS, Midnight Special TV 4/1/75)
16.25. Man Of 1,000 Faces (Gene Simmons)
16.26. Burning Up With Fever (Gene Simmons)
16.27. Rock And Rolls Royce (Gene Simmons)
16.29. Star Lady (Pentagram, alleged KISS wanted to buy song - Doubtful)
16.30. Much Too Young To Know (Pentagram, alleged KISS wanted to buy song - Doubtful)
16.31. True Confessions (Gene Simmons)
16.32. See You Tonite (Gene Simmons)
17.19. Hotter Than Hell (King Biscuit Alive! 11/75)
17.20. Firehouse (King Biscuit Alive! 11/75)
17.21. Black Diamond (King Biscuit Alive! 11/75)
17.22. Let Me Know (King Biscuit Alive! 11/75)
17.23. Rock And Roll All Nite (King Biscuit Alive! 11/75)
18.14. You've Got Nothing To Live For (Gene Simmons)
18.15. Ain't None Of Your Business (KISS, Demo)
18.16. Ain't None Of Your Business (KISS, Instrumental)
18.17. Great Expectations (KISS, Alternate Version)
18.18. Flaming Youth (KISS, Alternate Version)
18.19. Do You Love Me? (KISS, Alternate Version)
18.20. Sweet Pain (KISS, Instrumental)
18.21. King Of The Night Time World (KISS, Instrumental)
18.22. Detroit Rock City (KISS, Instrumental)
18.23. God Of Thunder (KISS, Instrumental)
18.24. Beth (Raw Orchestration)
06.08. Happy Birthday U.S.A. (Cashmir & Lecoux, Vinnie Vincent)
06.09. The Exorcism Of Kazcnyz (Cashmir & Lecoux, Vinnie Vincent)

Gene Simmons 12" five song acetate...

18.25. High And Low (Gene Simmons)
18.26. Daily Planet (Gene Simmons)
19.12. Queen For A Day (KISS, Instrumental)
19.13. I Don't Want Your Romance (Gene Simmons)
19.14. Howling For Your Love (Gene Simmons)
19.15. Jelly Roll (Gene Simmons - Version #1)
19.16. Rotten To The Core (Gene Simmons - Version #1)
19.17. Penny Arcade (Gene Simmons)
19.18. See You In Your Dreams Tonight (Gene Simmons)
19.19. Mongoloid Man (Gene Simmons w/ Joe Perry & Michael Des Barres)
19.xx. Too Much Too Soon (Paul Demo)
19.xx. Dirty Livin' (KISS, "RARO" Demo)
06.10. This Song's For You Mama (Hitchhikers, Vinnie Vincent)

Unreleased live LP reel "Rock And Roll Party in Tokyo"...

20.15. Have Love Will Travel (Gene Simmons w/ VH Brothers)
20.xx. Tunnel Of Love (Gene Simmons w/ VH Brothers)
20.xx. Christine Sixteen (Gene Simmons w/ VH Brothers)
20.16. Love Bite (Peter Criss Demo)
20.17. Love Came To Me (Gene Simmons)
20.18. Fourever (Gene Simmons)
20.19. Hooligan (Peter Criss Demo)
20.20. Love Gun (Paul Stanley Demo)
20.21. I Stole Your Love (Paul Stanley - Fake Demo)
20.22. Sole Survivor (Gene Simmons)
20.23. Don't Make Me Do It To Myself (Gene Simmons)
20.24. Sincerely (KISS, unknown)
20.25. See You Baby (Unknown)
21.01. Detroit Rock City (KISS Live - Rock And Roll Party In Tokyo)
21.02. Take Me (KISS Live - Rock And Roll Party In Tokyo)
21.03. Ladies Room (KISS Live - Rock And Roll Party In Tokyo)
21.04. Do You Love Me? (KISS Live - Rock And Roll Party In Tokyo)
21.05. Makin' Love (KISS Live - Rock And Roll Party In Tokyo)
21.06. I Want You (KISS Live - Rock And Roll Party In Tokyo)
21.07. God Of Thunder (KISS Live - Rock And Roll Party In Tokyo)
21.08. Cold Gin (KISS Live - Rock And Roll Party In Tokyo)
21.09. Beth (KISS Live - Rock And Roll Party In Tokyo)
21.10. Shout It Out Loud (KISS Live - Rock And Roll Party In Tokyo)
21.11. Rock And Roll All Nite (KISS Live - Rock And Roll Party In Tokyo)
21.xx. Just Give Me Love (Gene Simmons)
22.33. Take Me (Alive II Misprint Cover)
22.34. Hooligan (Alive II Misprint Cover)
22.35. Do You Love Me? (Alive II Misprint Cover)
22.36. All American Man (Alternative Mix)
22.37. Rockin' In The U.S.A. (Alternative Mix)
22.38. Larger Than Life (Alternative Mix)
22.39. Rocket Ride (Alternative Mix)
22.40. Any Way You Want It (Alternative Mix)
22.41. Jailhouse Rock (Never Recorded or Played)
22.42. Rocket Ride (Radio Single Edit)
22.43. Burning Up With Fever
22.44. Radioactive
22.45. Rock 'N Roll Over
22.46. Suspended Animation
22.xx. Beth (Electric Live Version, Spectrum Soundcheck)
06.20. I Wanna Love You (Edit) (Treasure, Vinnie Vincent)
08.01. Bat Out Of Hell (Meat Loaf, Bruce Kulick - Live)
08.02. You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Meat Loaf, Bruce Kulick - Live)
08.03. Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad (Meat Loaf, Bruce Kulick - Live)
08.04. Paradise By The Dashboard Light (Meat Loaf, Bruce Kulick - Live)
08.05. All Revved Up And No Place To Go (Meat Loaf, Bruce Kulick - Live)

23.22. Queen For A Day (Remix - Dubious)
23.23. Strutter '78 (Radio Single Mix)
23.24. Rip And Destroy (Phantom Of The Park TV)
23.25. Beth (Acoustic, Phantom Of The Park TV)
23.26. Love Gun (Live, Phantom Of The Park TV)
23.27. Rock And Roll All Nite (Live, Phantom Of The Park TV)
23.28. Black Diamond (Live, Phantom Of The Park TV)
23.29. Vampire Of Love (Gene Simmons)
23.30. Heartthrob (Gene Simmons)
23.31. One Hump Or Two (Gene Simmons)
23.32. Doin' The Do (Gene Simmons)
23.33. Tease You Please You (Gene Simmons)
23.34. Sacrifice (Gene Simmons)
24.12. Bad, Bad Lovin' (Gene Simmons - Version #2)
24.13. Reputation (Gene Simmons)
24.14. Radioactive (Single Edit)
24.xx. Love Came To Me (Gene Simmons)
24.xx. Love Is Blind (Gene Simmons)
24.xx. Fuck You (Gene Simmons - Highly Doubtful)
25.10. All For Nothing (Ace Frehley Demo)
25.11. All For Nothing (Instrumentals)
25.12. I'm in Need of Love (Ace Frehley Demo)
25.13. Ozone (Ace Frehley - Fake Demo)
26.11. Spotlights (And Lonely Nights) (Peter Criss)
27.10. Tonight You Belong To Me (Paul Stanley, Alternative Mix)
27.11. Wouldn't You Like To Know Me (Paul Stanley, Alternative Mix)
27.12. Take Me Away (Together As One) (Paul Stanley, Alternative Mix)
27.xx. Move On (Demo)
08.06. Paradise by the Dashboard Light (Meat Loaf, Bruce Kulick - Live TV, OGWT)
08.07. Bat Out Of Hell (Meat Loaf, Bruce Kulick - Live TV, OGWT)
08.08. You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Meat Loaf, Bruce Kulick - Live TV, Music Laden)
08.09. All Revved Up And No Place To Go (Meat Loaf, Bruce Kulick - Live TV, SNL)
08.10. Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad (Meat Loaf, Bruce Kulick - Live TV, SNL)
08.13. Have A Party, Give A Party, Be A Party (Michael Wendroff, Bruce Kulick)

28.xx. I Was Made For Lovin' You ("Dynasty" Studio Rehearsal)
28.xx. Sure Know Something ("Dynasty" Studio Rehearsal)
28.xx. Dirty Livin ("Dynasty" Studio Rehearsal)
28.10. I Was Made For Lovin' You (Disco Remix)
28.11. I Was Made For Lovin' You (Single Mix/Edit)
28.12. Dirty Livin' (Disco Remix)
28.13. Hard Times (Single Mix - different ending)
28.14. Sure Know Something (Single Edit)
28.15. 2,000 Man (Single Edit)
28.16. Rumble (Peter Criss Demo)
28.17. Dirty Livin' (Peter Criss Demo)
28.18. There's Nothing Better (Peter Criss Demo)
28.19. Out Of Control (Peter Criss Demo)
28.20. I Was Made For Lovin' You (Mixes)
28.21. I Have Just Begun To Fight (Gene Simmons w/ Virgin)
28.22. Reputation (Gene Simmons w/ Virgin)
05.xx. Holiday (Mother Nature/Father Time, Eric Carr Vocal)
05.27. Disco Symphony (Lightning, Eric Carr)
05.28. In And Out Of Love (Lightning, Eric Carr)
05.29. Baby, Without Your Love (Lightning, Eric Carr)
05.30. I Love The Way You Love Me (Lightning, Eric Carr)
05.31. One Step At A Time (Lightning, Eric Carr)

29.xx. Naked City (Gene w/ Paul, Bob Kulick, Karla DeVito, Peppy Castro)
29.11. You're All That I Want (Gene & Paul Demo » "Box Set")
05.33. Torpedo Girl (Eric Carr "application" tape, drums)
05.34. Shandi (Eric Carr "application" tape, vocals)
05.35. You Really Got Me (Eric Carr "application" tape, drums)
05.36. The Cradle Will Rock (Eric Carr "application" tape, drums)
05.37. Black Diamond {Eric Carr "KISS Audition" video - still exist?)
05.38. Firehouse {Eric Carr "KISS Audition" video - still exist?)
05.39. Strutter {Eric Carr "KISS Audition" video - still exist?)
05.40. Is That You? {Eric Carr "KISS Audition" video - still exist?)
05.41. Detroit Rock City {Eric Carr "KISS Audition" video - still exist?)
05.32. Prisoners Of Rock And Roll (Eric Carr)
57.01. Eugene (Ace Frehley/Crazy Joe, Mumbo Mix)
57.02. Eugene (Ace Frehley/Crazy Joe, PolyGram Mix)
57.03. Eugene (Ace Frehley/Crazy Joe, Remix)
61.12. Could It Be Love (Peter Criss, Out-take)
61.13. You're My Girl (Peter Criss, Out-take)
61.14. Could It Be Love (Peter Criss, Demo)
61.15. You're My Girl (Peter Criss, Demo)
61.16. I Found Love (Peter Criss, Demo)
61.17. In Trouble Again (Peter Criss, Remix)
61.18. Feel Like Letting Go (Peter Criss, Remix)
61.19. Out Of Control (Peter Criss, Remix)
61.20. Where Will They Run (Peter Criss, Remix)
61.21. Words (Peter Criss, Remix)
61.22. There's Nothing Better (Peter Criss, Remix)
06.36. Vincent John Cusano Songbook I (Contents Unclear; 1 song)
06.37. Vincent John Cusano Songbook II (Contents Unclear; 4 songs)

30.01. Feel Like Heaven (Gene Simmons)
30.02. Nowhere To Run (KISS Demo)
30.03. Deadly Weapons (KISS Demo)
30.04. Reputation (Gene Simmons)
30.05. Rockin' With The Boys (Ace Frehley)
30.06. Master Of Flash (Gene Simmons)
31.12. I (Single Edit - "No Balls")
31.13. Every Little Bit Of My Heart (KISS Demo)
31.xx. I Want You Only (Paul Demo » "A World Without Heroes" same as 31.13)
31.xx. The Unknown Force/I Want You Only (Instrumental Demo » "A World Without Heroes")
31.14. Don't Run (Ace Frehley)
31.15. Don't Run (Ace Frehley - Version #2)
31.xx. Don't Run (Ace Frehley - Version #3)
31.16. Just A Boy (Strong Keyboards Mix)
31.17. Just A Boy (Heavy Guitars Mix)
31.18. Just A Boy/Nowhere To Run (Segue Mix - Fake Demo)
31.19. Heaven (Ace Frehley & Eric Carr Instrumental)
31.20. Heaven (Ace Frehley & Eric Carr Instrumental - Version #2)
31.21. Morpheus Descending (Lou Reed Lyrical Idea)
31.22. "Council Of The Elder" (KISS, Instrumental)
31.23. "Kix Are For Kids" (KISS, Instrumental)
31.24. Untitled Instrumental (KISS)
31.25. Untitled Instrumental #2 (KISS)
31.26. Untitled Instrumental #3 (KISS)
61.23. Peter Criss Budweiser Radio Spot (Version 1)
61.24. Peter Criss Budweiser Radio Spot (Version 2)
06.49. My Love Goes With You (Vinnie Vincent)
06.50. Back On The Streets (Vinnie Vincent)
06.51. Tears (Vinnie Vincent)
06.52. Rock City (Vinnie Vincent - Falcon Crest?)
06.53. Rock Island Line (Vinnie Vincent - Falcon Crest?)
06.54. More Than Friends (Vinnie Vincent)
06.55. Gypsy In Her Eyes (Vinnie Vincent)
06.56. Maybe It's The Rain (Vinnie Vincent)
06.57. Never Too Hot To Rock (Vinnie Vincent)

31.xx. The Oath (KISS Rehearsal, Friday's TV 1/15/82)
31.xx. A World Without Heroes (KISS Rehearsal, Friday's TV 1/15/82)
31.xx. I (KISS Rehearsal, Friday's TV 1/15/82 w/ Balls)
31.27. The Oath (KISS Live, Friday's TV 1/15/82)
31.28. A World Without Heroes (KISS Live, Friday's TV 1/15/82)
31.29. I (KISS Live, Friday's TV 1/15/82)
06.58. Our Love Was Meant To Be (Vinnie Vincent - Joannie Loves Chachi TV)
06.59. Boyz Are Gonna Rock (Warrior, Vinnie Vincent)
06.60. It's Not Pretty (Warrior, Vinnie Vincent)
06.61. Gypsy In Her Eyes (Warrior, Vinnie Vincent)
06.62. Back On The Streets (Warrior, Vinnie Vincent)
06.63. I Need Love (Warrior, Vinnie Vincent)
06.64. Baby Oh Why (Warrior, Vinnie Vincent)
06.65. Betrayed (Warrior, Vinnie Vincent - Instrumental)
06.66. Hot Nights (Warrior, Vinnie Vincent - Instrumental)
06.67. Baby-O (Warrior, Vinnie Vincent - Instrumental)
06.68. Back On The Streets (Warrior, Vinnie Vincent - Instrumental)
06.69. I Need Love (Warrior, Vinnie Vincent - Instrumental)
32.09. Chrome Goes Into Motion (Gene Simmons)
32.xx. Loud And Proud (Vinnie Vincent)
33.10. I Love It Loud (KISS, Single Edit)
33.11. It's My Life KSS Demo » W.O.W.)
33.12. Betrayed (Paul Stanley/Vinnie Vincent)
33.13. Legends Never Die (KISS Demo » W.O.W.)
33.14. Back On The Streets (KISS Demo - alleged PS vocal)
33.15. Eye Of The Storm (Gene Simmons)
33.16. It's Gonna Be Alright (Gene Simmons)
33.17. Chrome Heart (Gene Simmons)
33.18. Not For The Innocent (KISS Demo w/ "COTN" feel)
33.xx. Don't Leave Me Lonely (Eric Carr KISS Demo)
33.xx. Eric Carr Drum Tracks (Various Songs from COTN)

33.xx. Killer (Vinnie Demo)
33.xx. Keep Me Comin' (KISS, Live '82)
33.xx. Rock And Roll Hell (KISS, Live '82)
61.33. Jenilee (Peter Criss Demos)
61.34. Rock And Roll Survivor (Peter Criss Demo)
61.35 Bad Boys (Peter Criss Demo)
61.36. Bad Boys (Peter Criss Demo - Version 2)
61.37. Let Me Rock You (Peter Criss Demo)
61.38. First Day In The Rain (Peter Criss FAKE Demo)
61.39. Tears (Peter Criss FAKE Demo)
61.40. Jealous Guy (Peter Criss FAKE Demo)
61.41. Let It Go (Peter Criss FAKE Demo)
61.42. Some Kinda Hurricane (Peter Criss FAKE Demo)
61.43. Destiny (Peter Criss FAKE Demo)
61.44. Feel Like Heaven (Peter Criss Demo)

Gene Simmons five song demo cassette...

34.11. I'm In Love (KISS Demo)
34.12. Exciter (Instrumental)
34.xx. Exciter (Instrumental - Version 2)
34.13. Untitled Instrumental
34.14. Young And Wasted (Instrumental)
34.15. So Many Girls, So Little Time (Gene Simmons)
34.16. Gimme More (Drum Track)
34.17. A Million To One (Instrumental - Numerous)
34.18. All Hell's Breakin' Loose (Single Edit)
34.19. Lick It Up (Demo)
34.xx. You, It Was You Who Left Me (So-called Rehearsal)
34.xx. Love Me Too (Eric Drum Track)
34.xx. Gimme Everything (Gene Demo)
34.xx. So Many Girls, So Little Time (Gene Demo)
34.xx. Sexy Feel (Eric Drum Track)

The "Animalize" sessions. SIR rehearsals, studio work tapes, and rough mixes...

35.10. Thrills In The Night (Single Edit)
35.11. Keep Your Tail Between Your Legs (Gene Simmons)
35.12. Thrills In The Night (Instrumental - Rehearsal 1)
35.13. Get All You Can Take (Instrumental)
35.14. Under The Gun (FAKE Demo)
35.15. Sooner Said Than Done (Gene Simmons)
35.16. Midnight Stranger (Eric Carr)
35.17. Thrills In The Night (Instrumental - Rehearsal 2)
35.18. Under The Gun (Instrumental)
35.19. Get All You Can Take (Instrumental)
35.20. Heaven's On Fire (Rough Mix 1)
35.21. Heaven's On Fire (Rough Mix 2)
35.22. Under The Gun (Lead Dubs)
35.23. Thrills In The Night (Instrumental)
35.24. Thrills In The Night (Rough Mix 2)
35.25. Get All You Can Take (Instrumental)
35.26. (I've Had Enough) Into The Fire (Instrumental)
35.27. Thrills In The Night (Lead Dubs)
35.28. Get All You Can Take (Lead Dubs)
35.29. (I've Had Enough) Into The Fire (Lead Dubs)
35.xx. Whole Lotta Love (KISS, Live)
35.xx. Sunshine Of Your Love Medley (KISS, Live)
62.02. I Will Survive (Ace Frehley)
62.03. I Got The Touch (Ace Frehley)
62.04. I'm An Animal (Ace Frehley)
62.05. Back In To My Arms Again (Ace Frehley)
61.45. Tell Tale Valentine (Alliance, Peter Criss)
61.46. Run For Cover (Alliance, Peter Criss)
61.47. Times Of Our Lives (Alliance, Peter Criss)
61.48. Blame It On Love (Alliance, Peter Criss)

Ace Frehley four song demo cassette...

36.11. Heaven's On Fire (KISS, Live)
36.12. Love Fast, Die Young (» "Trial By Fire")
36.13. Are You Tough Enough (Gene Simmons)
36.14. We Won't Take It Any More (Gene Simmons)
36.15. 100% (Gene Simmons)
36.16. Any Way You Slice It (Gene Simmons)
36.17. Hello, Hello (Gene Simmons)
36.18. I Have Just Begun To Fight (Gene Simmons - Partial, same as 28.21)
36.19. Nobody's Perfect (Gene Simmons)
36.20. Nobody's Perfect (Instrumental)
36.20. Russian Roulette (Gene Simmons)
36.21. Secretly Cruel (Gene Simmons)
36.22. Take It Like A Man (Gene Simmons)
36.23. What You See Is What You Get (Gene Simmons)
36.24. Reason For Living (Gene Simmons)
36.25. Eat Your Heart Out (Gene Simmons)
36.26. Daily Planet (Version #2)
36.27. Untitled Instrumental (Gene Simmons)
61.49. Baby, Hold On (Alliance, Peter Criss)
61.50. Never Met A Woman (Alliance, Peter Criss)
61.51. Forever With You (Alliance, Peter Criss)
62.06. Back On The Streets (Ace Frehley)
62.07. Remember Me (Ace Frehley)
62.08. Give It To Me Anyway (Ace Frehley - Version #1)
62.09. Audio/Video (Ace Frehley)
62.10. My Girl (Ace Frehley)
62.11. The Hurt Is On (Ace Frehley)
62.12. Wired Up (Ace Frehley)
62.13. I Heard An Angel (Ace Frehley)
62.14. Rock Or Be Rocked (Ace Frehley)
62.15. The Girl Can't Dance (Ace Frehley)
62.16. Baby, It's You (Ace Frehley)
62.22. You Make It Hard For Me (Ace Frehley)
62.23. Words Are Not Enough (Ace Frehley)
xx.xx. Won't Get Fooled Again (KISS, Live)
08.73. Fall Into Me (Rozetta, Bruce Kulick)

61.52. Get Off My Back (Balls Of Fire, Live w/ PC)
61.53. (Why Won't You) Dance With Me (Balls Of Fire, Live w/ PC)
61.54. You Can Have Me Baby (Balls Of Fire, Live w/ PC)
61.55. Dreaming (Balls Of Fire, Live w/ PC)
61.56. Private Dreams (Balls Of Fire, Live w/ PC)
61.57. Make Your Next Stop My Heart (Balls Of Fire, Live w/ PC)
61.xx. Other live BOF tracks with unknown titles
61.xx. Feel Like Heaven (Balls Of Fire, Live w/ PC)
62.xx. One Plus One (Frehley's Comet » "Loaded Deck")
64.10. Rock Warriors (White Tiger - Remix)

37.12. Are You Always This Hot (KISS, Studio Track)
37.13. Sword And Stone (KISS, Studio Track)
37.xx. Sword And Stone (KISS, Demo)
37.14. No Mercy (Gene & Bruce)
37.15. Dial L For Love (Eric & Gene)
37.16. The Troubles Inside You (Eric Carr)
37.17. It's My Life (Considered for use)
37.18. When Two Hearts Collide (Paul Stanley Demo)
37.19. Best Man For You (Paul Stanley Demo)
37.20. Don't Let Go (Paul Stanley Demo)
37.21. Jump The Gun (Geoff Lieb/Paul Stanley Demo)
37.22. My Way (Paul Stanley Demo)
37.23. My Way (Paul Stanley Vocal Track)
37.24. Reason To Live (Paul Stanley Demo)
37.25. Bang Bang You (Paul Stanley Demo)
37.26. Crazy Crazy Nights (Paul Stanley Demo)
37.27. Hide Your Heart (Paul Stanley Demo)
37.xx. Bang Bang You (Paul Stanley Demo)
37.xx. Boomerang (Gene Simmons Demo)
37.xx. "X" marks The Spot (Gene Simmons Demo)
37.xx. Scrach And Sniff (Gene Simmons Demo)
37.xx. What Goes Up (Gene Simmons Demo)
37.xx. Hunger For Love (Gene Simmons Demo)
37.xx. Dirty Blonde (Gene Simmons Demo)
37.xx. White Christmas (KISS, Live)
62.30. Calling To You (Frehley's Comet Remix)
62.31. Funk Rock (Ace Frehley Demo)
62.32. Quick Lick Song (Ace Frehley Demo » "Insane")
62.33. Foxy Lady Revisited (Ace Frehley Demo » "Shot Full Of Rock" + "Sister")
63.xx. Young Blood, Young Fire (Vinnie Vincent Vocal Version)
63.xx. Forbidden (Vinnie Vincent Vocal Version)

38.18. Let's Put The X In Sex (Sex-A-Pella Remix)
38.19. Let's Put The X In Sex (Hot Urban Mix)
38.20. Let's Put The X In Sex (Hot Rock Mix)
38.21. Let's Put The X In Sex (X-Cessive Mix)
38.22. Let's Put The X In Sex (Video Mix)
38.23. (You Make Me) Rock Hard (Video Mix)
61.60. The Days Of My Greasepaint (Peter Criss)
62.50. Rocker Room Theme (Ace Frehley)
63.11. I Wanna Love You (Vinnie Vincent - ASG Demo)
63.xx. Shoot U Full Of Love (Vinnie Vincent/MS Vocal)
63.25. Love Kills (Freddie Krueger Edit)
63.26. Young Blood, Young Fire (Vinnie Vincent/JSS Demo)
63.27. Forbidden (Vinnie Vincent/JSS Demo)
63.28. I'm On Fire 4 U (Vinnie Vincent/JSS Demo)
63.29. My Love Goes With U (Vinnie Vincent/JSS Demo)
63.30. Gypsy In Her Eyes (Vinnie Vincent/JSS Demo)
63.31. More Than Friends (Vinnie Vincent Demo)
63.32. Tears (Vinnie Vincent Demo)
63.33. Mama (Vinnie Vincent Demo)
63.34. Thrill Of The Chase (Vinnie Vincent Demo)
63.35. Make A Play For Her Now (Vinnie Vincent Demo)
63.36. Turn Yourself Around (Vinnie Vincent Demo)
63.37. Innocent Eyes (Vinnie Vincent Demo)
63.38. We Belong To The Night (Vinnie Vincent Demo)
63.39. She Kissed Me (Vinnie Vincent Demo)
63.40. Maybe It's The Rain (Vinnie Vincent Demo)
63.41. Metal Tech (Instrumental segments)
64.11. Communicator (White Tiger Demo, MSJ)
64.12. Live For Today (White Tiger Demo, MSJ)
64.13. Unknown Title (White Tiger Demo, MSJ)
64.14. Grace The Love (White Tiger Demo, MSJ)
64.15. Where Did This Love Go (White Tiger Demo, MSJ)

Gene Simmons demo reel...

39.16. Rise To It (Full Power Guitar Mix)
39.17. Forever (Remix)
39.18. The Street Giveth And The Street Taketh Away (Remix)
39.19. Somebody's Waiting (Eric Carr Demo)
39.20. Looking Through The Eyes Of Love (Eric Carr Demo)
39.21. Run To Me (Paul, Vini, & Bruce)
39.22. Rotten To The Core (Version #2)
39.23. Nowhere To Run (Remix)
39.24. Partners In Crime (Remix)
39.25. Hold On (Gene Simmons Demo)
39.26. Something Wicked This Way Comes (Gene Simmons Demo)
39.xx. Something Wicked This Way Comes (Gene Simmons Demo - Bits)
39.27. Street Legal (Gene Simmons Demo)
39.xx. Street Legal (Gene Simmons Demo - Intro Version 2)
39.28. No One Messin' With You (Eric Carr Demo)
39.xx. The Street Giveth... (Gene Simmons/Thayer Demo)
39.xx. Betrayed (Gene Simmons/Thayer Demo)
62.68. Give It To Me Anyway (Ace Frehley - Version #2 » "Loaded Deck")
62.69. Hot Lips (Ace Frehley/Gene Simmons)
62.7X. Guitar Wars (Ace Frehley title, prob. became a track on the album)
62.70. Trouble Walkin' (Ace Frehley Demo)
62.73. Rock Your Mind (Ace Frehley/Eric Carr)
62.74. Reckless (Ace Frehley/Blackie Lawless)
62.75. The Backstreet Shuffle (Maryann Scandiffio Session, Ace Frehley)
62.76. I Need You (Maryann Scandiffio Session, Ace Frehley)
62.77. Baby, It's You (Maryann Scandiffio Session, Ace Frehley)
62.78. Don't Go (Maryann Scandiffio Session, Ace Frehley)
62.79. I Want Out (Maryann Scandiffio Session, Ace Frehley)
63.xx. Himalaya (Vinnie Vincent Demo)
63.xx. Get The Led Out (Vinnie Vincent Demo)

Peter Criss/Mark St. John three song demo cassette...

39.xx. Little Caesar (KISS, Live)
39.xx. Betrayed (KISS, Live)
55.08. Love Makes You Crazy (Paul, Vini, & Beauvoir)
55.09. The Game Of Love (Paul/Bob Held/Joe Lynn Turner)
55.10. I Hate Love (Paul/Bob Held)
61.61. Love For Sale (Peter Criss/MSJ Demo)
61.62. Between The Lines (Peter Criss/MSJ Demo)
61.63. Do Ya Know What I Mean (Peter Criss/MSJ Demo)
61.64. Been A Long Time (Peter Criss/MSJ Demo)
61.65. All Night Long (Peter Criss/MSJ Demo)
62.xx. Foxy Lady (Ace Frehley, Live)
63.42. Over You (Vinnie Vincent/Goran Demo)
63.43. My Love Goes With You (Vinnie Vincent/Goran Demo)
63.44. Young Blood, Young Fire (Vinnie Vincent/Goran Demo)
60.18. Zeptune (Bruce Kulick Instrumental)

40.01. God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You II (OST version)
59.07. Elephant Man (Eric Carr Lyric)
61.66. Donna (Criss/Naro)
61.67. Love For Sale (Criss - Version #2)
61.68. Blue Moon Over Brooklyn (Criss/Naro - Naro Vocals)
61.69. Do Ya Know What I Mean (Criss - Version #2)
61.70. Between The Lines (Criss/Naro - Version #2)
61.71. Wait For The Minute To Rock 'N Roll (Criss/Naro Demo)
61.72. No, I'm Not Afraid (Criss/Naro Demo)
61.73. Bad People Burn In Hell (Criss/Naro Demo)
61.74. Spread The Words (Criss/Naro)
61.75. First One To Admit It (Criss/Naro)
61.76. All In This Together (Criss/Naro)
61.77. Live Life (Criss)
61.78. Surrender (Criss)
61.79. You're The One (Criss)
61.80. Without You (Criss)
63.45. Wild Child (Vinnie Vincent Demo)
63.46. Wild Child (Vinnie Vincent - Version #2)
63.47. Genesis (Vinnie Vincent Instrumental)
63.48. Rocks On Fire (Vinnie Vincent Demo)
63.49. Euphoria (Vinnie Vincent Demo)
63.50. Get The Led Out (Vinnie Vincent Demo - Version 2)
63.51. Nuke It (Vinnie Vincent Demo)
63.52. Shocker (Vinnie Vincent Demo)
63.53. Invincible (Vinnie Vincent Demo)
63.54. Rocks On Fire (Vinnie Vincent - Version #2)
63.55. Full Shredd (Vinnie Vincent Demo)
63.56. Truth (Vinnie Vincent Demo)

41.13. Do You Wanna Touch Me Now (KISS, Out-take)
41.14. Unholy (KISS? Rehearsal)
41.15. Laughing When I Want To Cry (Gene Simmons Demo)
41.16. If You Could See Through My Eyes (Paul Stanley / Jani Lane Demo)
41.17. You're My Reason For Livin' (Gene Simmons Demo)
41.18. Rain Keeps Fallin' (Gene Simmons Demo)
41.19. Hold On (Gene Simmons Demo)
41.20. Rotten To The Core (Gene Simmons - Demo Version #3)
41.21. Never Gonna Leave You (Gene Simmons Demo)
41.22. Love Is Blind (Gene Simmons - Demo Version #2)
41.23. City Burn (Gene Simmons Demo)
41.24. Everybody Needs Somebody (Gene Simmons Demo)
41.25. Thou Shalt Not (Rough Mix)
41.26. Tough Love (Rough Mix Instrumental)
41.27. Heart Of Chrome (Rough Mix)
41.28. Crown Of Thorns (Unknown Demo/Title - possible confusion with PS COT link)
41.29. Domino (Single Edit)
41.xx. I Just Wanna (Pre-release mix)

60.22. Korg G3 Medley (Bruce Kulick Instrumental/Medley)
43.18. Detroit Rock City (KISS, Arsenio Hall, Live 5/20/93)
43.19. Deuce (KISS, Arsenio Hall, Live 5/20/93)
43.20. Detroit Rock City (KISS, Dick Clark's "Rockin' New Year," 12/12/93)
43.21. Rock And Roll All Nite (KISS, Dick Clark's "Rockin' New Year," 12/12/93)
43.22. Makin' Love (KISS, Dick Clark's "Rockin' New Year," 12/12/93)
48.14. Island Of Lost Souls (Gene Simmons)
48.15. Carnival Of Souls (Gene Simmons)

62.xx. Sister (Ace Frehley Band, Live)

44.15. Strutter (Japan Soundcheck Live "Dial Q2")
44.16. Rock Bottom (Japan Soundcheck Live "Dial Q2")
51.34. Childhood's End (COS/Head Unreleased, Alt. Version » Released on the "Box Set")
48.28. Rain (COS/Head Unreleased, Alt. Version » Actually a fake)
48.29. Seduction Of The Innocent (COS/Head Unreleased, Alt. Version » Actually a fake)
48.13. Outromental (COS/Head Unreleased Instrumental » Released on the COS Advance tape/"Box Set")
48.16. Rain Keeps Fallin' (Gene Simmons)
48.17. Liar (Bruce Kulick Instrumental)
48.18. Machine (Gene Simmons)
48.19. Seeing Is Believing (Gene Simmons)
48.20. Vengeance Is Mine (COS Demo)
48.21. Dead In Your Tracks (COS Demo)
48.22. Sleep Until You Die (COS Demo)
48.23. Closed Doors Welcome No One (COS Demo)
48.24. I Can't Forgive What I Can't Forget (COS Demo)
48.25. Blister (COS Demo)
48.26. Save Myself (COS Demo)
48.27. So Lame (Gene Simmons » "Hate")
48.30. Credibility (Gene Simmons)
48.31. Psycho Punk (Gene Simmons)
48.32. Judgment Day (Gene Simmons)
45.xx. C'Mon & Love Me (MTV Unplugged Cut)
45.xx. God Of Thunder (MTV Unplugged Cut)
45.xx. Got To Choose (MTV Unplugged Cut » "Box Set"/Bonus Track)
45.xx. Hard Luck Woman (MTV Unplugged Cut)
45.xx. Heaven's On Fire (MTV Unplugged Cut)
45.xx. Louie Louie (MTV Unplugged Cut)
45.xx. Spit (MTV Unplugged Cut)
61.94. Beg, Borrow And Steal (Criss Track)
61.95. The Shooter (Criss Track)
61.96. Seeds (Criss Track)
61.97. Zig Zag (Criss Track)
61.98. Leave Me Alone (Criss Track)
61.99. Adalyne (Criss Track)
61.100. I'm In A Band (Criss Track)
61.101. Shut Up (Criss Track)
61.102. Trash (Criss Track - New York Dolls cover; probably not recorded)
61.xx. Crazy (Criss Track)
61.xx. Knock, Knock (Criss Track)
62.95. Sister (Ace Frehley Band)
62.96. Take Me To The City (Ace Frehley Band)
62.97. Don't Wanna Lose You (Ace Frehley Band)
62.98. Too Far Gone (Ace Frehley Band)

62.94. Cherokee Boogie (Ace Frehley Instrumental)
62.96. Take Me To The City (Ace Frehley "Spacewalk")
65.27. Around Again (Corbai/Kulick Project Demo)
65.28. Do You Think About Me (Corbai/Kulick Project Demo)
65.29. Walking In Your Sleep (Corbai/Kulick Project Demo)
65.30. Tangerine (Corbai/Kulick Project Demo)
65.31. October Morning Wind (Corbai/Kulick Project Demo)
65.32. Heavy D (Corbai/Kulick Project Demo)
65.33. Try (Corbai/Kulick Project Demo)

49.xx. Picture Without A Frame/Shooter (Frehley/Cochran)
49.xx. Life And Liberty (Frehley/Fig)
49.xx. Jaded (Ace Frehley)
49.xx. Crazy On The Wild (Ace Frehley)
49.xx. You Wanted The Best (Simmons Demo)
49.xx. Turnabout (Paul Stanley)
49.xx. Grease & Grime (Gene Simmons)
49.xx. Til' Death Do We Part (Ace Frehley)
49.xx. 7th Heaven (Gene Simmons)
49.xx. In Your Face (Ace Frehley)
49.xx. I Am Yours (Gene Demo)
49.xx. Killing Joke (Gene Simmons)
49.xx. Everyday Above Ground (Gene Simmons)
49.xx. Rotten To The Core (Gene Simmons)
49.xx. Everybody Knows (Gene Simmons)
49.xx. Hunger (Gene Simmons)
49.xx. Turn To Stone (Gene Simmons)
49.xx. Hunter Of Flesh (Gene Simmons)
49.xx. Star Child (Gene Simmons)
49.xx. It's Gonna Be Alright (Gene Simmons)
49.xx. Granny Takes A Trip (Gene Simmons)
49.xx. Rocket/Believe (PC Demo)
49.xx. Spirit Is Willing (PC Demo)

49.11. In Your Face (B-Side/Japan Bonus Track)
49.12. Space Fever (Peter » "Space Ace" [2005] ??)
49.13. I'm Back (Paul Stanley)
49.14. I Wanna Rule The World (Gene for Ace)
49.15. Psycho Circus (Weapons Of Mass Destruction) (Gene)
49.16. Shakin' Sharp Shooter (Ace/Karl Cochran » "Into The Void")
49.17. Hope (Peter » re-recorded by Peter in 2005)
49.18. Life & Liberty (Ace/Anton Fig)
49.19. Together (Peter/Tommy Thayer)
49.20. You Make It Hard For Me (Ace/Sebastian Bach)
49.21. Sweet & Dirty (Gene » "Asshole">
49.22. Justice For All (Peter for Gene)
49.23. Body And Soul (Paul Stanley)
49.24. You Are Mine (Gene Simmons)
49.25. I Only Come Out At Night (Gene Simmons)
49.26. I Had A Dream (Gene » "Asshole">
49.29. Within (Edit for unreleased single)
49.31. Untitled Song (Gene/Jesse Damon)
49.32. Untitled Song #2 (Gene/Jesse Damon)
49.33. Carnival Of Souls (Gene, Version #2)
49.35. Starchild (Gene song/lyrical idea, not necessarily recorded)
49.36. Damn, I'm Good (Gene song/lyrical idea, not necessarily recorded)
49.37. Radioworld (Gene song/lyrical idea, not necessarily recorded)
49.38. Never Gonna Leave You (Gene song/lyrical idea, not necessarily recorded)
49.39. Thank You And Good Night (Gene song/lyrical idea, not necessarily recorded)
49.40. I Turn To Stone (Gene song/lyrical idea, not necessarily recorded)
49.41. Eternally (Gene song/lyrical idea, not necessarily recorded)
49.42. Roar Of Greasepaint (Gene song/lyrical idea, not necessarily recorded)
49.43. Shadows (Gene song/lyrical idea, not necessarily recorded)
49.44. It's Gonna Be Alright (Gene song/lyrical idea, not necessarily recorded)
49.45. Everyday Above Ground (Gene song/lyrical idea, not necessarily recorded)
49.54. Temptation Temptation (Gene) FROM FAKE LISTING IN 1998 - NOT A REAL KISS SONG/TITLE/IDEA.
49.56. A Matter Of Fact/A Matter Of Time (Paul) FROM FAKE LISTING IN 1998 - NOT A REAL KISS SONG/TITLE/IDEA.
50.01. Detroit Rock City '98 (DRC movie re-recording)
62.105. Never Told You (Venus Envy, Ace Frehley)
62.106. Mystic Lady (Venus Envy, Ace Frehley)
62.107. Pretty Injured (Venus Envy, Ace Frehley)

53.01. Wait (Gene Simmons)
53.02. All The Kids With Painted Faces (Gene Simmons)

58.42. Asshole (Gene Simmons, Radio Edit)
58.43. Asshole (Gene Simmons, Sheep Edit)
58.44. Looking Out The Window (Gene Simmons)
58.47. Carnival Of Souls (Gene Simmons, Alternate Mix)
58.48. Waiting for the Morning Light (Gene Simmons, Alternate Mix)
58.49. Weapons (Gene Simmons, pre-'03 SIT DVD)
58.50. Am I Losing My Mind (Gene Simmons, pre-'03 SIT DVD)
58.51. It 2 (Gene Simmons, pre-'03 SIT DVD)
58.52. You Kill Me (Gene Simmons, pre-'03 SIT DVD)
58.53. Rock It Hard (Gene Simmons, pre-'03 SIT DVD)
58.54. Rotten II (Gene Simmons, pre-'03 SIT DVD)
58.55. Son Of 7th (Gene Simmons, pre-'03 SIT DVD)
58.56. Too Hot Too Cold (Gene Simmons, pre-'03 SIT DVD)

55.29. Impossible (Paul Stanley)
55.30. Bloodtype R (Paul Stanley)
55.31. Ready To Rock Your World (Paul Stanley)

xx.xx. King Of The Night Time World (KISS Live, "Rock The Nation" Japan Bonus CD)
xx.xx. All The Way (KISS Live, "Rock The Nation" Japan Bonus CD)
xx.xx. Psycho Circus (KISS Live, "Rock The Nation" Japan Bonus CD)
61.105. Bohemia (Peter Criss)
61.106. Cat Nap (Peter Criss)
61.107. Crossroads (Peter Criss)
61.108. Doesn't Get Better (Than This) (Peter Criss)
61.109. Faces In The Crowd (Peter Criss)
61.110. Fallin' All Over Again (Peter Criss)
61.111. Hope (Peter Criss)
61.112. Last Night (Peter Criss)
61.113. Reason For Living (Peter Criss)
61.114. Space Ace (Peter Criss)
61.115. What Does It Take (Peter Criss)
61.116. Whisper (Peter Criss)
62.108. 2,005 Man (Ace Frehley)

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