Due to bandwith and copyright issues, only samples of the material can be heard here.

"The KISS Behind The Make-up"

Neil Bogart's contribution to KISStory should need no explanation, however should you want to read something about the man, please refer to the Bogart Biography in the KISS Album Focus. While Neil later entered the non-performing side of the music business, Neil had been recording music since his teens, first with a small scale release titled "Go Bohemia" around 1959/60. Presented here are samples of some of the songs Neil, as 'Neil Scott' recorded in the period 1961-7. This is not KISS-style music, but the obscure sort of KISS-related material that should interest the diehard (maybe not)...


01. Go Bohemian (1959/60)
02. Oh Genie! (1959/60)
03. Bobby (1961)
04. I Haven't Found It With Another (1961)
05. It Happened All Over Again (1961)
06. My Confession (1961)
07. Tomboy (1962)
08. Run To Me (1962)
09. One-Piece Bathing Suit (1963)
10. Little Girl (1963)
11. (I Don't Stand) A Ghost Of A Chance With You (1967)
12. Let Me Think It Over (1967)

"The Barracudas"

Material released by Peter Criss' early band, The Barracudas. Tracks 1 & 2 were issued on an independent 7" single in January 1967, while tracks 3 & 4 came off a second 7" single issued later (perhaps as late as 1968). While Peter definately drummed on the first two songs, his involvement on the second single is unclear. All songs were written by the band's lead guitarist, Carlos Cancel...


01. It's Been So Long (1966)
02. Affection (1966)
03. Chicken (1966/7)
04. No Use (1966/7)

"Sounds Of Soul"

Cover versions recorded by Peter Criss' band following the Barracudas. The band's cover of "Respect" follows Otis Redding's original arrangement, rather than the better known Aretha Franklin version...


01. Since If Fell For You (1967)
02. My Girl (1967)
03. Respect (1967)

"The Cellarmen"

The first two of these CellArmen tracks were written by Eric Carr who not only drums but sings the lead on them. These remain some of the very earliest material recorded by any KISS memeber, past or present, and while they are dated, they very much reflect the era in which they were written and recorded. Third is a live drum solo from Eric from the Colony House from around the same time. The final two tracks are two studio demo recordings, in the same format as the first two, recorded for the song-writers to publish the material...


01. Your Turn To Cry (Acoustic Demo, ~1967)
02. I Cry At Night (~1967)
03. Your Turn To Cry (~1967)
04. Drum Solo (~1967)
05. I Found You (~1968)
06. Then I Made A Wish (~1968)
07. Jam Session (~1968)
08. I'm A Believer (Rehearsal, ~1968)
09. Yellow Submarine (Rehearsal, ~1968)

"The Cellarmen w/ Crystal Collins"

The artist that The Cellarmen recorded with, acting as the backing band, was not "Gale", but one Crystal Collins, who was a young singer. The band simply were hired to act as the singer's backing group though they did help with the harmonies on the songs...


01. No Matter How You Try (Rehearsal, ~1969)
02. When You Grow Tired (Rehearsal, ~1969)
03. No Matter How You Try (~1969)
04. When You Go Tired (~1969)

"The Vintage"

Another of Peter Criss' bands prior to his joining Chelsea, The Vintage won a talent show at the Academy of Music in January 1969 and were recorded with studio time - they recorded this demo, probably written by Joey Lucenti, the band's primary song-writer...


01. What Is A Man (1969)

"Bullfrog Bheer"

Bluegrass Gene meets McCartney Gene. The earliest available Gene (so far). Plenty of other recordings were on a tape Gene submitted (unsuccessfully) to publishers in 1970 including "Eskimo Sun", "Little Lady", "Amen Corner", "About Her", "Put On Your Slippers", and others...


01. Stanley The Parrot (1970)
02. Leeta (1970)

"The Others"

Did Chelsea make you want to vomit? Well, Mike Brand and Peter Shepley were in a band together before Chelsea. "The Others" released three singles, all of which are very rare and collectible, with Brand/Shepley as the primary song-writers (except on Track 02 which is a cover)...


01. I Can't Stand This Love, Goodbye (1965)
02. Until I Heard It From You (1965)
03. Lonely Street (1965)
04. I Remember (The First Time I Saw You) (1965)
05. Morning (1967)
06. My Friend The Wizard (1967)


Paul Stanley has been heard to describe Wicked Lester's output as eclectic. However, that word could be better used to describe Peter Criss' pre-KISS band Chelsea's material which was a hybrid mix of folk and electric without too many unifying factors...


01. Rollin' Along (1970)
02. Let's Call It A Day (1970)
03. Silver Lining (1970)
04. All American Boy (1970)
05. Hard Rock Music (1970)
06. Ophelia (1970)
07. Long River (1970)
08. Grace (1970)
09. Polly Von (1970)
10. Good Company (1970)

"Chelsea Second Album Demos"

Prior to splitting Chelsea did do some demo recordings, some may be covers or simply the result of Shepley/Brand jamming with Stan Penridge without Peter...


01. Heaven In The Stars Above (1970/1)
02. Run Mr. Greene (1970/1)
03. You Make Me Feel (1970/1)


Some of this material would be recycled for Peter's 1978 solo album...


01. Hooked On Rock 'N Roll (1971/2)
02. Don't You Let Me Down (1971/2)
03. I'm Gonna Love You (1971/2)
04. That's The Kind Of Sugar Papa Likes (1971/2)
05. Don't Let The Blues Surround You (1971/2)
06. Beck (1971)

"Wicked Lester"

Wicked Lester wasn't bad. It wasn't great, but it is considered the holy-grail of audio to some sectors of the KISS Army. I'll add the 1976/7 CBS Remixes later...


01. Love Her All I Can (1971/2)
02. Sweet Ophelia (1971/2)
03. Keep Me Waiting (1971/2)
04. What Happens In The Darkness (1971/2)
05. We Wanna Shout It Out Loud (1971/2)
06. Too Many Mondays (1971/2)
07. She (1971/2)
08. Molly (1971/2)
09. Simple Type (1971/2)
10. When The Bell Rings (1971/2)
11. Long Long Road (Demo, 1971/2)
12. Too Many Mondays (Gene Vocal Demo, 1971/2)


Gene and Paul sang backing vocals on three songs on the 'Lyn Christopher' album and one non-album Tommy James track. Celebrate I & II are the same song split onto the last song one side one and first song on side two of the album. The background vocals are only very evident at the very end of Celebrate I so there is no point providing a sample when there is much more backing vocal work on Celebrate II...


01. Lyn Christopher - Weddin' (1973)
02. Lyn Christopher - Celebrate II (1973)
03. Tommy James - Celebration (1973)

"March '73 Demo"

Produced and engineered by Dave Wittman supervised by Eddie Kramer.
Recorded at Electric Lady Studios, New York City, NY, and completed by March 13, 1973.
Recorded using studio time paid for by money owed for commercial work.


01. Deuce (1973)
02. Strutter (1973)
03. Cold Gin (1973)
04. Watchin' You (1973)
05. Black Diamond (1973)

"Live At The Daisy"

Recorded and mixed by Eddie Solon live at the Daisy, June 16, 1973
Tracks 9-12 from the partial second set. * was alternatively known as "Want You Beside Me". "Acrobat" was officially released on the Box Set, and the whole show has since leaked.


01. Nothin' To Lose (6:16) - Simmons
02. Firehouse (4:56) - Stanley
03. Life In The Woods* (7:51) - Simmons/Stanley
04. Simple Type (8:37) - Simmons
05. Acrobat (7:06) - Simmons/Stanley/Frehley/Criss
06. Deuce (5:25) - Simmons
07. 100,000 Years (6:27) - Stanley/Simmons
08. Black Diamond (7:56) - Stanley
09. Strutter (6:19) - Simmons/Stanley
10. Watchin' You (7:13) - Simmons
11. Sunday Driver (3:37) - Stanley

"Loft Rehearsal"

Recorded August/September 1973
A rough and ready recording of a KISS rehearsal.


01. Strutter (1973)
02. Firehouse (1973)
03. Watchin' You (1973)
04. Sunday Driver (1973)
05. Life In The Woods (1973)
06. Acrobat (1973)

"KISS" Radio Spot

Very much obscure, an official radio spot for the first KISS LP (NB-9001) done in the style of Humphrey Bogart! Track 2 are Gene and Paul recording radio spots for CHED Radio Edmondton during their first visit to Canada in early February 1974!


01. Warner Brothers NB-9001 Radio Spot (1974)
02. KJ Show CHED Radio Edmonton, Canada (1974)

"Detroit" FM Radio Broadcast

One of the best, and earliest, broadcasts of KISS in concert, from Detroit's Michigan Palace on 4/7/74...


01. Deuce
02. Strutter
03. She
04. Firehouse
05. Nothin' To Lose
06. Cold Gin
07. 100,000 Years
08. Black Diamond
09. Baby, Let Me Go

"Memphis" FM Radio Broadcast

One of the best, and earliest, broadcasts of KISS in concert, from Lafayette's Music Room in Memphis, TN on 4/18/74. WMC FM-100...


01. Deuce
02. Strutter
03. Firehouse
04. She
05. Nothin' To Lose
06. Cold Gin
07. 100,000 Years
08. Black Diamond
09. Acrobat

"Long Beach" FM Radio Broadcast

Long Beach 5/31/74 broadcast on KNAC...


01. Deuce
02. Nothin' To Lose
03. She
04. Firehouse
05. Strutter
06. 100,000 Years
07. Black Diamond
08. Baby, Let me Go

"Salt 'N Pepper"

These recordings are representative of the the sort of Top-40 material Salt 'N Pepper were covering in the early 1970's. Notable in them are Sarita Henderson's incredible vocals. "Black Magic Woman" was originally recorded by Fleetwood Mac, but most famously covered by Carlos Santana; "Misty" was originally recorded by Johnny Mathis; "Just My Imagination" is an excellent Temptations song; and "Summertime", apart from being a favorite of the late Janis Joplin, was a Gershwin/Gershwin/DuBose composition from "Porgy & Bess"...


01. Black Magic Woman (~1974)
02. Misty (~1974)
03. Just My Imagination (~1974)
04. Summertime (~1974)


Out of Salt 'N Pepper rose Creation, albeit only after a name change. With Eric on drums, the band featured the talents of John and Sarita Henderson. The band's major success came from playing the Palladium opening for Nina Simone. It would be this band which would lose members following the terrible Gulliver's club fire...


01. Down By The River (1974)
02. Stranger (1974)
03. Rock Steady (1974)
04. Work Song (1974)
05. Fairy Shoemaker (1974)
06. I'm So Lonely (1974)
07. Baby I Want You (1974)
08. Coordination (1974)
09. Drum/Bass Practice (1974)
10. People (1974)
11. Something Tellin' Me (1974)
12. Looker Of The Glass (1974)
13. What You Are Today (1974)

"East Lansing, MI, 10/11/74"

Rare soundboard from early in the "Hotter Than Hell" tour.


01. Intro
02. Deuce
03. Strutter
04. Got To Choose
05. Firehouse
06. She
07. Nothin' To Lose
08. Parasite
09. 100,000 Years
10. Black Diamond
11. Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll
12. Cold Gin

"Creation 7" Single"

There have been suggestions that this Creation single was released without the knowledge of the band sometime following the Gulliver's fire. However, it is more likely that the songs were recorded by the band while they were still Salt And Pepper, since "I'm So Lonely" was performed live when the band opened for Nina Simone. The band also joked, during the introduction of the song, whether people had bought the record yet. Regardless, these recordings were fully produced and vary from the demo versions included on the "Tale Of The Fox" DVD.


01. I'm So Lonely (1974/5)
02. Something Tellin' Me (1974/5)

"Dressed To Kill" Demos

Recorded January 1975
Produced by Neil Bogart.
Engineered by Gene Meros.
Recorded at Larabee Studios, Los Angeles. "Mistake" had been written for the first album, but had not been used at the time. Gene Meros recalled, "Neil was more of a marketing genius than a producer. He would kinda talk through me and say, 'Tell them to do this' or 'Tell them to do that.' He didn't really communicate in musical terms, so he would use me to communicate musically to the band and the others involved. I remember when we went in and cut 'Rock and Roll All Nite' and 'Anything For My Baby.' Then they went back to New York and finished the project" (Music Monthly, 11/22/90).


01. Burning Up With Fever (3:48) - Simmons
02. Anything For My Baby (2:03) - Stanley
03. Rock And Roll All Nite (2:25) - Simmons/Stanley
04. Mistake (3:54) - Simmons

"Lead-vocals in the 1970s"

Eric Carr sang numerous songs with Salt And Pepper, Creation, Mother Nature / Father Time, and Bionic Boogie, during the 1970s. Here's a few samples.


01. Wildflower (1975/6)
02. Without Love (1975/6)
03. I Wish (1975/6)
04. December '63 (Oh What A Night) (1976/7)
05. Play That Funky Music (1976/7)
06. Ten Percent (1978/9)

"Solo Acoustic Recordings"

Eric recording acoustically on his own in the 1970's showing his excellent taste in music. Track 1 is, naturally, a cover of the incredible, and utterly worthy, Neil Young; Track 2 is by The Doors; Track 3-5 need no introduction...


01. Out On The Weekend (1970+)
02. The Crystal Ship (1970+)
03. Hey Joe (1970+)
04. The Fool On The Hill (1970+)
05. I Saw Her Standing There (1970+)

"King Biscuit Alive!"

Essentially "Alive!" outtakes from the Cleveland recordings broadcast on King Biscuit Flower Hour on November 9, 1975. The show was shared with a live performance from the Average White Band...


00. Intro
01. Hotter Than Hell
02. Firehouse
03. Black Diamond
04. Let Me Know
05. Rock And Roll All Nite
06. Outro

"Tulsa Alive 75"

Soundboard recording from Tulsa, OK, recorded June 13 at the Assembly Center.


01. Deuce
02. Strutter
03. Got To Choose
04. Hotter Than Hell
05. Firehouse
06. Ace Frehley Guitar Solo
07. She
08. C'mon And Love Me
09. 100,000 Years
10. Peter Criss Drum Solo
11. Black Diamond
12. Cold Gin
13. Rock And Roll All Nite

"Destroyer" Demos

Recorded August 1975
Recorded at Magna Graphic Studios in New York City. JR Smalling plays drums on these recordings which were quick 'n dirty demos to be given to Bob Ezrin for consideration for the new studio album.


01. Doncha Hesitate
02. God Of Thunder (Paul Vocal)
03. It Aint The Smoke That Burns Ya
04. Detroit Rock City
05. Love Is Alright
06. Bad, Bad Lovin'
07. Man Of 1,000 Faces
08. Don't Want Your Romance
09. Burning Up With Fever
10. Rock And Rolls Royce
11. Mad Dog
12. Night Fly
13. I'm A Star
14. Howling For Your Love
15. True Confessions

"Destroyer Studio Rehearsals"

Demos and out-takes from the "Destroyer" sessions. Track 1 is a country-western song cover...


01. None Of Your Business
02. Flaming Youth
03. Great Expectations
04. Do You Love Me?
05. God Of Thunder (Instrumental)
06. King Of The Night Time World (Rehearsal)
07. Beth (Orchestration)
08. Sweet Pain (Rehearsal)
09. Detroit Rock City (Rehearsal)

"Destroyer Tour Live"

Soundboard recorded live in Toronto, Canada on September 6, 1976 near the end of the "Spirit of '76" tour...


01. Detroit Rock City
02. King Of The Night Time World
03. Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll
04. Strutter
05. Hotter Than Hell
06. Nothin' To Lose
07. Do You Love Me
08. God Of Thunder
09. Rock And Roll All Nite
10. Deuce
11. Firehouse
12. Black Diamond

"Rock And Roll Over Tour Rehearsals"

Rehearsals for the "Winter Tour 1976/7"...


01. Detroit Rock City
02. Take Me
03. Let Me Go, Rock 'N' Roll
04. Strutter
05. Ladies Room
06. Firehouse
07. Hard Luck Woman (Take 1)
08. Do You Love Me?
09. Cold Gin
10. Makin' Love
11. I Want You
12. Hard Luck Woman (Take 2)

"Mid-1970s demos"

Assorted demos from the 1975/6 period grouped together since some (1-5) were all on the same acetate. More than likely recorded at different times, and some of these are probably from the 1978-82 period...


01. Rotten To The Core (1975/6)
02. High And Low (1975/6)
03. Jelly Roll (1975/6)
04. Burning Up With Fever (1975/6)
05. Daily Planet (1975/6)
06. I Don't Want No Romance (1976)
07. Howling For Your Love (1976)
08. Bad Bad Lovin' (1978)
09. Fourever (1978)
10. Heartthrob (1978)
11. Love Came To Me (1978)

"Early Professional Recordings"

Track 1 may well be Vinnie's first professional recording credit. Teamed with David Wolff (Cyndi Lauper) Vinnie co-wrote this track recorded under a psudonym. The status of the B-side, while credited to the pair is not clear as it's so experimental that Vinnie's presence is not obvious! Another early recording is the very R&B track 3. Not only would Vinnie play electric guitar on the 1976 ABC/Dunhill album by the Hitchhikers, featuring Kenny Hamber on lead vocals, but he would write this incredible piece. Both 4 and 5 are Vinnie's written and sung contributions to the 1977 Treasure album with Felix Cavaliere...


Kid Cashmir & Winnie LeCoux:
01. Happy Birthday U.S.A. (1976)
02. The Exorcism of Kagnyzcz (1976)
03. This Song's For You Mama (1976)
04. Innocent Eyes (1977)
05. Turn Yourself Around (1977)

"Rock And Roll Party In Tokyo"

The nearly Japanese only live album from early 1977 that was abandoned in favor of a worldwide "Alive II," though parts would be used elsewhere.


01. Detroit Rock City
02. Take Me
03. Ladies Room
04. Do You Love Me?
05. Makin' Love
06. I Want You
07. God Of Thunder/Peter Solo
08. Cold Gin
09. Ace Solo
10. Beth
11. Shout It Out Loud
12. Rock And Roll All Nite

"Van Halen Demos"

Some samples of the songs Gene produced for Van Halen...


01. Baby, Don't Leave Me Alone
02. Big Trouble
03. House Of Pain
04. Let's Get Rockin'
05. On Fire
06. Put Out the Lights
07. Runnin' With The Devil
08. Somebody Get Me a Doctor
09. She's the Woman
10. Woman In Love

"Love Gun Demos"

Peter did bring material to KISS to record, though he also performed material written by other members. Some was used, some wasn't...


01. Love Bite (1977)
02. Hooligan (1977)

"Live Treasure"

From two shows recorded at New York's Bottom Line Club in December 1977...


01. Soundcheck
02. Love Me Tonight
03. Innocent Eyes
04. My Lady Once Told Me
05. Treasure
06. I Wanna Love You
07. When The Sun Shines
08. Jubilation
09. In The Midnight Hour
10. I Think I Am In Love
11. Good Lovin'

"Alternate 'Double Platinum' Mixes"

Alternate mix, without the compression which made the album version sound like crap. Better than the remaster in terms of SQ...


01. Strutter '78 (3:23 Single Mix)

"Virgin Demos, 1978/9"

Track 1: While this song is often described as being an "Asylum" demo it was originally demoed in early 1979. The original demo is far superior to the generally circulating piece in terms of quality and runs 3.30. During 1978/9 Gene Simmons was working with the boy-band Virgin (who were managed by Bill Aucoin), producing an album that was never released. At the same time Gene was demoing material with Virgin drummer Chuck Billings. Chuck, and Virgin's guitarist, Tom Moody, were also present at the KISS Magic Mountain, Valencia show for "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park" along with teen-idol Leif Garrett (who Chuck would later have a band with). Tom would also help out on rhythm guitar on a couple of the 4 or 5 songs Gene and Chuck recorded - one, whose title is currently unknown, was later recorded for a KISS album. Track 2: A prototype of the more common 1982 version that runs 3.04. Unlike the later version this track has more in common with Gene's 1970s demos in terms of style. It is also structurally different...


01. I Have Just Begun To Fight
02. Reuptation

"Solo Album Demos"

Instrumental demos from Ace's solo album sessions...


01. I'm In Need of Love (Demo)
02. All For Nothing (Take 11)

"Alternate 'Solo Album' Mixes"

Alternate mixes, with subtle differences to the album versions...


01. Take Me Away (Together As One) (Alternative Mix)
02. Wouldn't You Like To Know Me (Alternative Mix)
03. Tonight You Belong To Me (Alternative Mix)

"Solo Album Demo"

So-called out-take from Ace's stellar solo album recorded in March 1978. Sadly this recording is only available in atrocious quality...


01. All For Nothing

"Solo Album Out-Take"

Out-take from Peter Criss' solo album. Sean Delaney brought Peter more than just the material that eventually appeared on his album. This song was eventually deemed too "dark" and was not used... By Peter that is. Sean re-cut the vocal and the song was released on his solo album, "Highway," in January 1979. Sadly this recording is only available in atrocious quality. It would have sounded good next to "Send In The Clowns"...


01. Spotlights (And Lonely Nights)

"Dynasty Demos"

Some of this material would be used on Peter's "Out Of Control" album and was written with Vini Poncia...


01. Dirty Livin' (1979)
02. Out Of Control (1979)
03. There's Nothing Better (1979)
04. Rumble (1979)

"Alternate 'Dynasty' Demos"

Alternate mix, without the compression which made the album version sound like crap. Better than the remaster in terms of SQ...


01. I Was Made For Lovin' You (Disco Mix)
02. Hard Times (Single Mix)
03. Dirty Livin' (Disco Mix)

"BJ-105FM Radio"

Jumpin' Gene Simmons on Orlando's BJ-105 lunch-time radio from June 14, 1979. Gene attempts to get people who call in to talk, discusses the cancellation of that day's show (which would have been the first night of the "Dynasty/Return of KISS" tour), and more...


01. Part 1
02. Part 2
03. Part 3
04. Part 4
05. Part 5
06. Part 6

"WPIX-FM Radio"

Ace Frehley on New York WPIX-FM's "Sunday Magazine" from late October 1978...


01. Part 1
02. Part 2
03. Part 3
04. Part 4

"Tom Snyder's Tomorrow Show, 10/31/79"

It was beyond compare, when Ace (in particular) and Peter stole the show from Gene and Paul on this infamous Tom Snyder Halloween special. Better to right-click to download the tracks due to their size!. 56k bitrate MP3s are large, so the Windows Media Player is available for Mac/Win/Solaris for the 16k bitrate ASFs...


01. Introduction (3:24) - MP3 | ASF
02. Interview Part 1 (11:00) - MP3 | ASF
03. Interview Part 2 (17:23) - MP3 | ASF


Mother Nature / Father Time recorded one 5-track disco album for Casablanca Records in 1979 which seems not to have gotten broad release as disco entered its dying days. MN/FT split soon after the recording having tried without success to break into the big time for much of the decade. Eric is creditted by his real name "Paul Caravello" on the rear cover of the album...


01. Disco Symphony (1979)
02. In And Out Of Love (1979)
03. Baby Without Your Love (1979)
04. I Love The Way You Love Me (1979)
05. One Step At A Time (1979)

"Flasher, Live in the Clubs"

After quitting Mother Nature / Father Time, Eric found himself playing in a hard rock cover band. This material is representative of that which they played...


01. London Calling (1980)
02. Do You Remember Rock 'N Roll Radio (1980)
03. Chinese Rocks (1980)
04. Rockaway Beach (1980)
05. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (1980)
06. Rock And Roll High-School (1980)
07. Candy-O (1980)
08. Just What I Needed (1980)
09. Refugee (1980)
10. Baby Talks Dirty (1980)
11. Beautiful Girls (1980)
12. Honky-Tonk Woman (1980)
13. Brown Sugar (1980)
14. Saturday Night (1980)
15. Beating Around The Bush (1980)
16. Roadhouse (1980)
17. Love Me Two Times (1980)
18. I Wanna Be Sedated (1980)
19. Runnin' With The Devil (1980)
20. You Really Got Me (1980)

"Flasher, Live in the Clubs II"

More Flasher live. Recorded live at Barrymore's Club on May 25, 1980...


01. In My Time Of Dying (1980)
02. Look Sharp (1980)
03. One More Time (1980)
04. Good Girls Don't (1980)
05. Frustrated (1980)
06. Baby Talk Dirty (1980)
07. Honky Tonk Woman (1980)
08. Brown Sugar (1980)
09. Beatin' Around The Bush (1980)
10. Hello There (1980)
11. Next To You (1980)
12. Roadhouse Blues (1980)
13. Love Me Two Times (1980)
14. Beautiful Girls (1980)
15. You Really Got Me (1980)
16. London Calling (1980)
17. Summertime Blues (1980)
18. My Generation (1980)
19. Listening To You (1980)
20. On The Radio (1980)
21. I'm The Man (1980)
22. Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio (1980)
23. Chinese Rocks (1980)
24. Rockaway Beach (1980)
25. Do You Wanna Dance (1980)
26. Candy-O (1980)
27. Just What I Needed (1980)
28. A Lot On My Head (1980)
29. Stiff Competition (1980)
30. Highway To Hell (1980)

"Early 80s Original Demos"

Early demo material from Vinnie Cusano with him on lead vocals...


01. Back On The Street (1979/80)
02. Tears (1979/80)
03. More Than Friends (1979/80)
04. Gypsy In Her Eyes (1979/80)
05. Maybe It's The Rain (1979/80)

"Out Of Control" Out-takes & Demos

Not all of the material recorded for Peter's first post-KISS solo album was used. Peter and Stan also remixed some of the album...


01. Could It Be Love (1980)
02. You're My Girl (1980)
03. Could It Be Love (Demo Version, 1980)
04. You're My Girl (Demo Version, 1980)
05. I Found Love (Demo Version, 1980)

"Budweiser" Commercial (1981)

Produced by the D'Arcy-Mac Manus and Masius advertising agency. The date is not clear, though DAMM merged with Benton & Bowles in November 1985, resulting in a name change to the firm, so the reel dates from before then. While the backing track is probably generic studio musician work, with no suggestion of Peter "playing," the guitar sound on this radio jingle is very similar to that on Peter's "Out Of Control" album, suggesting that it may be Stan Penridge playing the solo at least (or at most). That suggests a 1980-2 window, apart from the reel code BB81-4. The reel was distributed by Genesis Recording with one 60 second and one 30 second spot from both Peter and the Bus Boys...


1. Long Version (0:60)
2. Short Version (0:30)

"Music From The Elder" Out-takes & Demos

Assorted demos from the 'Elder' sessions including multiple Ace takes of a couple of instrumentals...


01. Deadly Weapons (1981)
02. Heaven (1981)
03. "Kix R 4 Kids" (1981)
04. Just A Boy (Alt. Mix) (1981)
05. I ("Guts" Edit) (1981)
06. Untitled Instrumental (1981)
07. Untitled Instrumental 2 (1981)
08. Untitled Instrumental 3 (1981)
09. Every Little Bit Of My Heart (1981)
10. Don't Run (1981)
11. Escape From The Island (1981, Take 1)
12. Escape From The Island (1981, Take 2)
13. Escape From The Island (1981, Take 3)
14. Escape From The Island (1981, Take 4)
15. Escape From The Island (1981, Take 5)
16. Escape From The Island (1981, Take 6)
17. Escape From The Island (1981, Take 7)
18. Escape From The Island (1981, Take 8)
19. The Chase (1981, Instrumental)

"Fridays" Television Live Performance

The only contemporary live performance of Elder material from ABC Studios on January 15, 1982...


01. The Oath (1982)
02. A World Without Heroes (1982)
03. I (1982)

"Let Me Rock You" Demos

A couple of tracks dating from the period surrounding Peter's second post-KISS solo album, one song, of course, celebrating his daughter...


01. Rock And Roll Survivor (1982)
02. Jenilee (1982)
03. Jenilee [Guitar Version] (1982)
04. Bad Boys (1982)

"Warrior" Demos

Assorted demos from Vinnie's "Warrior" project with the former members of New England prior to getting snatched by Gene and Paul!


01. Boyz Are Gonna Rock (1982)
02. It's Not Pretty (1982)
03. Gypsy In Her Eyes (1982)
04. Back On The Streets (1982)
05. I'm In Love (1982)
06. Baby-O (1982)
07. Betrayed (Instrumental, 1982)
08. Hot Nights (Instrumental, 1982)
09. Baby-O (Instrumental, 1982)
10. I Need Love (Instrumental, 1982)
11. Back On The Streets (Instrumental, 1982)

"Creatures Of The Night" Sessions

Assorted material with Eric Carr on drums from KISS' Creatures Of The Night recording session. The bombastic drum sound attained on the album would never be equalled on another KISS album even though the band tried to recapture it (came close, but...)!


01. Killer (Drum Track, 1982)
02. Don't Leave Me Lonely (Drum Track, 1982)
03. It's My Life (Demo, 1982)

"Lick It Up" Studio Sessions

Assorted material from the "Lick It Up" sessions/era...


01. Exciter (Instrumental, 1983)
02. Untitled (Instrumental, 1983)
03. A Million To One (Rehearsal, 1983)
04. First Like A Glove (Demo, 1983)
05. Lick It Up (Rehearsal, 1983)
06. Young And Wasted (1983)
07. Studio Creativity (1983)
08. So Many Girls, So Little Time (1983)
09. Gimme More (Drum Track, 1983)
10. "Sexy Feel" Take 9 (Drum Track, 1983)
11. "Sexy Feel" Take 10 (Drum Track, 1983)
12. Exciter Take 2 (Instrumental, 1983)

"Animalize" Studio Sessions

Assorted material from the "Animalize" sessions/era...


01. Get All You Can Take (Instrumental, 1984)
02. Get All You Can Take (Scat Vocals, 1984)
03. Get All You Can Take (Solo Practice, 1984)
04. Heaven's On Fire (Rough Mix 1, 1984)
05. Heaven's On Fire (Rough Mix 2, 1984)
06. I've Had Enough (Scat Vocals, 1984)
07. I've Had Enough (Solo Overdub Attempt, 1984)
08. Thrills In The Night (Instrumental, 1984)
09. Thrills In The Night (Rough Mix 1, 1984)
10. Thrills In The Night (Rough Mix 2, 1984)
11. Thrills In The Night (Solo Overdub Intro, 1984)
12. Under The Gun (Dif. End Drum, 1984)
13. Under The Gun (End Solo Overdub, 1984)
14. Under The Gun (Instrumental, 1984)

Pre-KISS Recordings

Bruce Kulick had plenty of recording experience prior to joining KISS. This section deals with some of the more obscure recordings...


Michael Wendroff:
01. Have A Party Be A Party Give A Party (1978)
Meatloaf - Live:
02. Bat Out Of Hell (1977)
03. You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (1977)
04. Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad (1977)
05. Paradise By The Dashboard Light (1977)
06. All Revved Up With No Place To Go (1977)
07. Pick Me Up (1980)
08. Gypsy (1984)
09. Without You (1984)

1984 "Demo"

Some of the earliest material recorded by Frehley's Comet...


01. I Will Survive (Demo, 1984)
02. I'm An Animal (Demo, 1984)
03. I Got The Touch (Demo, 1984)
04. Audio/Video (Demo, 1984)
05. Back Into My Arms Again (Demo, 1984)

1985 "Demo" I

Four song demo tape dating from early 1985...


01. Angel (Demo, 1984/5)
02. Rock Or Be Rocked (Demo, 1984/5)
03. Back On The Streets (Demo, 1984/5)
04. Stranger In A Strange Land (Demo, 1985)

1985 "Demo" II

Second demo tape from Frehley's Comet from 1985...


01. Into The Night (Demo, 1985)
02. We Got Your Rock (Demo, 1985)
03. Words Are Not Enough (Demo, 1985)
04. Dolls (Demo, 1985)
05. The Hurt Is On (Demo, 1985)

"Asylum" Demos

Assorted material from the "Asylum" sessions/era...


01. Any Way You Slice It (1985)
02. Secretly Cruel (1985)

"Demos, 1982-5"

Assorted demos from Gene, some with Eric Carr, Mitch Weissman, Bruce Kulick and possibly Adam Mitchell dating from 1982-5, and one which is from 1979...


01. 100%
02. Hello, Hello
03. I Have Just Begun To Fight
04. Keep Your Tail Between Your Legs
05. Nobody's Perfect
06. Russian Roulette
07. Take It Like A Man
08. We Won't Take It Anymore
09. What You See Is What You Get

"Penridge-Criss Alliance Demos"

Tracks 1-4 recorded late-1983/early 1984; Tracks 5-7 recorded in Nashville in 1984, the Alliance split soon after these three demos were recorded. Peter is on vocals and percussion...


01. Tell Tale Valentine (1983/4)
02. Run For Cover (1983/4)
03. Time Of Our Lives (1983/4)
04. Blame It On Love (1983/4)
05. Baby, Hold On (1984)
06. Forever With You (1984)
07. Never Met A Woman (1984)

"Assorted Ace Frehley/Frehley's Comet Demos, 1984-88"

Various Stuff, including some Ace studio appearances and live. It should be noted that "Dancing With Danger," that usually circulates as an Ace demo is actually the original recording by the Canadian band Streetheart...


01. Wired Up (1984)
02. The Girl Can't Dance (1984)
03. Remember Me (1984)
04. Audio/Video (Live, 1984)
05. Give It To Me Anyway (Live, 1984)
06. Wendy O. Williams: Bump And Grind (1984)
07. Insane (Instrumental) (1987)
08. Funkrock (Instrumental) (1987)
09. Baby, It's You (1985)
10. My Girl (1985)

"Balls Of Fire"

These songs are from the third and fifth Balls Of Fire shows in August 1986. Several are originals and while the SQ isn't that great, they will give you an idea of the sort of material the band was performing...


01. Unknown Song (1986)
02. Blue Don't Look Good On You (1986)
03. Get Off My Back (1986)
04. Dreaming (1986)
05. Why Won't You Dance With Me (1986)
06. Unknown Song (1986)
07. You Can Have Me Baby (1986)
08. Unknown Song (1986)
09. Feel Like Heaven (1986)
10. Put Your Lips On Mine (1986)

"Invasion" Demo

Demos from the "Invasion" album with Myron Grombacher on drums...


01. Boyz Are Gonna Rock
02. Shoot U Full Of Love
03. Baby-O

Interview, Jan. 1986

24k bitrate MP3. Here's an old interview with Vinnie Vincent from January 1986 during the period he was recording the debut Invasion album which has been added to the audio section. It's losely broken up into the following sections, but does cover other questions not listed here...


01. What happened between you and KISS / Why did you leave the band?
02. Did you depart friends with the band?
03. How did you first meet up with KISS?
04. What recordings did you make with the band / song-writing process?
05. Contributions to the band apart from recording?
06. What have you done since leaving KISS?
07. What do you think of KISS' albums since you left?
08. How have your fans responded to all of this?
09. How did you find the members for the new band?
10. How did you name your band?
11. How would you describe the type of music the band is playing?
12. Do you write all the music and lyrics?
13. Is there anything you try and write about in your songs?
14. Does this band fulfill all of your expectations?
15. What kind of equipment does the band use?
16. When can we expect the album out?

"Invasion" Re-Recording

Studio re-recording of "Invasion" song with Mark Slaughter on vocals. Perhaps the threat of removing Robert's vocals wasn't just a threat, though this is currently the sole example...


01. Shoot U Full Of Love (1986)

Interview, "Pro-Talk" Early 1987

48k bitrate MP3. Interview with Steve Rosen, released on audio tape. Dates from the period that followed the end of the "Invasion" tour and release of "All Systems Go." It's losely broken up into the following sections, but does cover other questions not listed here...


01. What really happened with you and KISS?
02. The time between leaving KISS and releasing "Invasion"?
03. What you learned from KISS?
04. Was it a conscious reason not to use keyboards?
05. Was Hendrix someone you listened to? Influences?
06. Your style?
07. Carmine & The Rockers?
08. Recording with Carmine?
09. 1979/80?
10. Has your guitar sound changed?
11. Were you capable of playing like you did on "Invasion" with KISS?
12. Were you afraid to go out on your own after KISS?
13. Most guitar players write?
14. Mick Jones, Foreigner, song-writing & Vinnie's first recordings?
15. Promoting Vinnie and magazine lying?
16. Transformation from fusion?
17. The next record?

Publishing Demos, 1986-90

One of the songs from this period, "Time Traveller", was released on the box set. These others were put out for prospective artists to record. Another demo on tape was "Hide Your Heart". Apparently #1 was written for Cher by Paul and Adam. #3 only has Paul on backing vocals. He and Jeff Paris (Geoff Lieb) wrote the song, and it would be used on Jeff's 1993 album. Maybe there's more Paul on it. Who knows? Kinda Leppardish!


01. Two Hearts Collide (1987/8)
02. Best Man For You (1987/8)
03. Jump The Gun (1987/8)
04. Don't Let Go (1987/8)
05. Hide Your Heart (1987/8)

"Crazy Nights" Demos

Demos for the "Crazy Nights" album...


01. Sword And Stone (1987)
02. Reason To Live (1987)
03. Bang Bang You (1987)
04. My Way (1987)

"Smashes, Thrashes, and Hits" Mixes

Alternate Mixes...


01. (You Make Me) Rock Hard

"All Systems Go" Alternate Solos

"All Systems Go" showed promise, but the production was too watered down. Here are some alternate guitar solos from songs from that album as well as some unmixed tracks. A couple of the demos are sung by Vinnie...


01. Ashes To Ashes (Alternate Solo, 1988)
02. Burn (Alternate Solo, 1988)
03. I Wanna Love You (Demo, 1987)
04. Ashes To Ashes (Demo, 1987)
05. Deeper And Deeper (Demo, 1987)
06. Burn (Demo, 1987)
07. Ecstacy (Demo, 1987)
08. Heavy Pettin' (Demo, 1987)
09. Let Freedom Rock (Demo, 1987)
10. That Time Of Year (Demo, 1987)
11. Substitute (Alternate Solo, 1988)

Metal Tech

In 1988 Vinnie did an instructional video which saw him shredd through his technique displaying a variety of licks, style, and tonality. This is a sample of his personal jam part of the video.


01. Metal Tech (1988)

Vinnie Vincent/Jeff Scott Soto Demos

The demos were recorded with former (and possibly the ultimate) Yngwie J. Malmsteen vocalist Jeff Scott Soto. Accompanying Vinnie and Jeff was Jimmy Waldo on Keyboards. Apparently, these demos were going to be shopped around for other artists to record. Not sure about the truth in that, they do, however, show the softer side of Vinnie with subtle guitars and more prominent keyboards.


01. Youngblood (1987/8)
02. Forbidden (1987/8)
03. I'm On Fire For You (1987/8)
04. My Love Goes With You (1987/8)
05. Gypsy (1987/8)

"Guitars From Hell" Demos

Vinnie was recording an album for Enigma records, with Robert Fleishman and Andre LaBelle, prior to that company either killing his contract or going bankrupt. What is clear from the demos is that the album was going to blow the original "VVI" album away in terms of sonics. Track 1 was planned to be the opening track on the album. Several songs were reworked for the EP in 1996 and may have been intended for use on "Guitarmageddon", which it is a real crime has not surfaced yet with songs like "Cockteaser" and "Brainsaw"! The full track listing of the album is unknown as it may have not been finalized or completed. Track 08 is a reworking of the Soto demo with nuclear guitars added.


01. Genesis (1989/90)
02. Shocker (1989/90)
03. Truth (1989/90)
04. Nuke It (1989/90)
05. Rocks On Fire (1989/90)
06. Invincible (1989/90)
07. Full Shredd (1989/90)
08. Wild Child (1989/90)
09. Youngblood (1989/90)

"Guitars From Hell/Euphoria" Alternate Mixes

Some alternate mixes of Vinnie's early 1990's material.


01. Euphoria (1990)
02. Get The Led Out (1990)
03. Rocks On Fire (1990)
04. Wild Child (1990)

"Hot In The Shade" Demos

Stronger acoustic flavor demos. Tracks 3-5 are Gene demos from this period...


01. The Street Giveth... And The Street Taketh Away
02. Betrayed
03. Street Legal (Mix 1)
04. Street Legal (Mix 2)
05. Something Wicked This Way Comes

"Rock The Vote" Radio Spot

It may only be Gene and Paul, but they do do the "Rock The Vote" spot with the usual KISS Style!


01. KISS (1990)

"The Keep" Demos

While Peter only sings lead on one of these songs (#1), which was also a cover of a 1971 R&B hit by Lee Michaels, the teaming of him with Mark St. John was juicy! While the band had split by the time most fans had heard of it, it gave Peter the genesis for Criss. Other members of this band were Michael Norton and David McDonald, both who had been in White Tiger with Mark...


01. Do You Know What I Mean (1990)
02. All Night Long (1990)
03. Between The Lines (1990)
04. Been A Long Time (1990)
05. Love For Sale (1990)

"Goran Edman Demos"

Vinnie had long wanted vocalist Goran Edman (Yngwie) as lead vocalist for his band, dating back to 1986! Here's a taste of Goran demoing Vinnie material...


01. Over You (1990/1)
02. My Love Goes With You (1990/1)
03. Youngblood (1990/1)

"Revenge" Demos & Alternate Mixes

Demos from the first studio album following the death of Eric Carr. Some songs have alternate arrangements, others are instrumentals or scat vocal versions. Track 5-6, Eric or Kevin, hmm...


01. Unholy (Alt Mix)
02. Paralyzed (Extended "Mumble")
03. Every Time I Look At You (Scat Vocals)
04. Heart Of Chrome (Instrumental)
05. Heart Of Chrome (Scat Vocals)
06. I Just Wanna (Instrumental)
07. Take It Off (Instrumental)
08. Take It Off (Instrumental 2)
09. Take It Off (Scat Vocals)
10. Tough Love (Instrumental)
11. Tough Love (Scat Vocals)
12. Thou Shalt Not (Instrumental)

Criss #1 Demos

After getting rid of the Keep, Peter put together his first lineup of Criss which included the highly recommended Phil Naro. Phil and Peter would write plenty of material together, but would also demo some of Peter's then recent Keep songs...


01. Love For Sale (1991)
02. Blue Moon Over Brooklyn (1991)
03. Do You Know What I Mean (1991)
04. Between The Lines (1991)
05. Wait For The Mintute To Rock 'N Roll (1991)
06. No, I'm Not Afraid (1991)
07. Bad People Burn In Hell (1991)

KISS Konfidential, The Radio Tapes

Radio show in support of "Alive III" and the Konfidential video release; in Windows Media 8 format.


01. Part 1 (2,502Kb - 16:44)
02. Part 2 (2,104Kb - 14:05)
03. Part 3 (1,632Kb - 10:55)
04. Part 4 (1,438Kb - 9:37)
05. Radio Call Out (79Kb - 0:30)

Criss Live

Track 1 was a closing song early in the Criss live career. It was originally one of the Phil Naro demos...


01. Wait For The Minute To Rock And Roll (1992)
02. Don't Come Cryin' To Me (1992)
03. Crazy For Your Love (1992)
04. Wasted Love (1992)

Cat EP Tracks

Two tracks included on the Criss EP would not be included on the full-length album...


01. The Cat (1993)
02. Watcha' Doin' (1993)

"I Am Korg"

The "Korg G3 Medley" was a medley of KISS related material Bruce recorded in 1993 for a special Korg G3 multi-FX board dial-in promotion. As a result the demo was only available over the phone, so sadly quality recordings do not circulate. The medley was home-recorded and included parts of "Unholy," "God Gave Rock And Roll To You II," "Detroit Rock City," "Heart Of Chrome," "Unholy," and "Star Spangled Banner."


01. Intro (1993)
02. Korg G3 Medley (1993)

Santiago Soundcheck '94

Cover material performed at the Santiago, Chile soundcheck...


01. Little Wing (1994)
02. School's Out (1994)
03. Day Tripper (1994)
04. Reelin' In The Years (1994)
05. Hey Joe (1994)
06. Moby Dick (1994)
07. House Of The Rising Sun (1994)
08. Stairway To Heaven (1994)
09. Please Please Me (1994)
10. Wild Thing (1994)
11. You Shook Me All Night Long (1994)
12. Summertime Blues (1994)
13. Won't Get Fooled Again (1994)
14. Anyway You Want It (1994)

Assorted pre-"Reunion" 1990s material

Assorted stuff from the 1990s. The "Dial Q2" recording of "Strutter" is not offered as it's too poor quality from phone!...


01. "Dial Q2" phone message (1995)

Unplugged in Australia

Broadcast on JJJ-FM, material from the Perth Konvention on February 3, 1995. This was the first "Unplugged" show of 1995...


01. Strutter
02. Hard Luck Woman
03. Lick It Up
04. Rock Bottom
05. Black Diamond
06. Sure Know Something
07. Detroit Rock City
08. Nothin' To Lose

"2nd Album" Demos

During their tours of 1995 CRISS introduced many new songs into their set; some of which were being refined for use on a possible second studio album. Many were demoed, including these four songs dating from the summer following the end of the Canadian tour...


1. My Reality (1995)
2. Seeds (1995)
3. Zig-Zag (1995)
4. Leave Me Alone (1995)

"Carnival Of Souls" Demos & Unreleased

"Outromental" isn't even the real name to this instrumental piece which was supposed to close the 'Carnival Of Souls' album appearing sometime after the end of the last track in a manner similar to 'Rock And Roll Party' on Destroyer. Unfortunately, the piece got left off the album and was given the name 'Outromental' by then KISS catalog consultant Robert V. Conte...


01. "Outromental" (Instrumental, 1995)

Assorted "Reunion" era material

Assorted material from "Reunion" era...


01. Blockbuster Greeting (1997)
02. Paul explains Peter's absence on drums to the Columbus, GA, audience... (1997)
03. Detroit Rock City (Studio, 1998)

Assorted post-"Reunion" era material

Assorted non-demo material from the post-"Reunion" era...


01. Paul's Folgers Coffee radio commercial... (2001)
02. Gene on NPR Interview 2/4/02 - Part 1 (WMA)
03. Gene on NPR Interview 2/4/02 - Part 2 (WMA)
04. Gene on NPR Interview 2/4/02 - Part 3 (WMA)
05. Gene on NPR Interview 2/4/02 - Part 4 (WMA)

"Ace Bash 2002" Q&A Session

During Ace's infamous "Ace Bash" he did a brief Q&A session that was "hosted" by Eddie Trunk...


01. Ace comments on SSG...
02. Ace, Mr. Dazed & Confused...
03. Ace, Ed Trunk, and a bad joke...
04. Ace comments on the Heff Roast...
05. Ace, still a member of KISS? Why not at AB filming?
06. Eddie Trunk asks follow-up...
07. About "Into The Void"
08. Ace, touring, contracts, and stuff...
09. Ace turns the charisma on...
10. More on "Into The Void" and Ace's solo record...
11. Gene's book/Ace's "Art"...
12. Eddie closes the Q&A...

"Speaking In Tongues" Demo Samples

Gene previewed an assortment of demo samples during his Australian Speaking Tour in 2002...


01. Sweet & Dirty
02. You're My Reason For Living
03. I Am Yours
04. Carnival Of Souls

"Sex Money KISS" Demo Samples

These songs were included on the bonus disk on the "Sex Money KISS" audio lunch-box and were later released on the Japanese version of "Asshole." The songs were recorded in the early 1990's...


01. Everybody
02. You're My Reason For Living

"Asshole" Assorted Mixes

Some alternative material from Gene's 2003 solo album...


01. Asshole (Sheep Edit)
02. Asshole (Radio Edit)

KISS 2004
"Instant Live" Samples

Some samples of material off the "Instant Live" recordings of the 2004 "Rock The Nation" Tour. Obviously, you can "see" versions of some of these songs on the "Rock The Nation Live" DVD...


01. King Of The Night Time World
02. I Stole Your Love
03. All The Way
04. Deuce
05. C'mon And Love Me
06. War Machine
07. Love Her All I Can
08. Parasite
09. Psycho Circus
10. She
11. Detroit Rock City
12. Christine Sixteen
13. Cold Gin
14. Tears Are Falling
15. Calling Dr. Love
16. Unholy
17. Got To Choose
18. God Gave Rock And Roll To You II

"Speaking In Tongues" DVD Demo Samples

Gene's DVD was littered with audio samples of material planned for release in some format at some point. Here's a taste...


01. I Am Yours
02. Weapons
03. I Turn To Stone
04. Weapons Of Mass Destruction
05. Unknown
06. Am I Losing My Mind

"Business Ventures" Demo Samples

Gene's business ventures are now generating music. In the case of "I Am INDY," Gene simply co-wrote the piece which is performed by Bag; "Sexercise" is simply the backing track Gene created for the auditions of the project of the same title...


01. I Am Indy (2005)
02. Sexercise (2006)

Post-KISS-Again Demos (2005)

This rough acoustic psycadelic demo was broadcast on the 2005 Eddie Trunk KISSmas special on which Ace was a guest...


01. 2,000 Man (2005)

"Rock The Nation Live!" Bonus CD Samples

Live samples from the Japan only 3" Rock The Nation Live! bonus CD. Live the DVD these tracks were recorded in Virginia during the 2004 "Rock The Nation" tour...


01. King Of The Night Time World (2004/6)
02. All The Way (2004/6)
03. Psycho Circus (2004/6)

"Family Jewels" CD Sampler (2006)

Part of the promotional package for Gene's "Family Jewels" TV show, this spoken word snippet CD has Gene talking (very briefly) about a variety of subjects also covered in his TV show...


01. Narcissism (0:20)
02. Marriage (0:13)
03. Relationship With Shannon (0:41)
04. Pets (0:08)
05. Domesticity (0:09)
06. Himself (0:12)
07. Parenting (0:23)
08. The Rock God (0:13)
09. Arrogance (0:13)
10. Confidence (0:10)

"Live To Win" Tour Live

Samples of Paul's 2006 solo trek set list. "Tonight You Belong To Me," "Wouldn't You Like To Know Me," and "Goodbye" were the core Paul Stanley 1978 solo songs also performed during his 1989 solo tour; Both "I Still Love You" and "A Million To One" were used on the acoustic konvention tour and the former song was a core part of the set. It was last performed acoustically on 08/09/95 at the MTV Unplugged filming; While "I Still Love You" is on "Alive III" it was never performed during the "Revenge" Tour concerts, and was instead recorded during sound-check. Thanks to otisbarr for the samples "Bulletproof," Lift," "Every Time I See You Around," "Magic Touch," "Move On," "Tonight You Belong To Me," and "Wouldn't You Like To Know Me" (Orlando); Thanks to UKJ69 for samples of "Live To Win," "Got To Choose," "Love Gun," "Detroit Rock City," "A Million To One," "Hide Your Heart," the band intro and insult incident (New York); Thanks to S for samples of "Lick It Up," "I Still Love You," "Strutter," "Do You Love Me?," and "I Want You" (Atlanta).


01. Live To Win
02. Hide Your Heart
03. A Million To One
04. Got To Choose
05. Move On
06. Bulletproof
07. Tonight You Belong To Me
08. Lick It Up
09. Wouldn't You Like To Know Me
10. Magic Touch
11. I Still Love You
12. Strutter
13. Every Time I See You Around
14. Do You Love Me?
15. I Want You
16. Love Gun
17. Lift
18. Detroit Rock City
19. Goodbye

"The Millenium Concert" Bonus Track Samples

Tracks 1 & 2 from the "Best Buy" version; Track 3 from the iTunes version. It's pretty clear that little, except possibly the audience, was used from the 12/31/99 show in Vancouver, especially with "Rock And Roll All Nite" being the same as the track used for the "iBash" event...


01. 2,000 Man (1999/2006)
02. God Of Thunder (1999/2006)
03. Detroit Rock City (1999/2006)

"Family Jewels" Demo Samples

These songs were included on the bonus disk with the "Family Jewels" season 1 deluxe DVD set. The songs were recorded in the early 1990's The version of Track 02 varies slightly from that released in 2003 on Gene's "Sex Money KISS" audio book lunch box and Japanese version of "Asshole." While it has more prominent drums, it lacks some of the electric guitar over-dubs and is 17 seconds longer, though most of that is the result of a longer fade-out. Track 01 is previously known as a song Gene demoed with members of Silent Rage around 1991. Several different lyrical versions of the song exist. Most interesting, perhaps, the riff at the start of this song can also be heard in a studio jam session with Dutch rockers Sleeze Beeze from around 1990/1 where Gene was working with the band on using his "Daily Planet" riff. They'd come up with the song "Jealous Woman" from the efforts, though the band didn't use it. This is a great example of Gene and his creativity. "Rain Keeps Fallin'" was being developed during the COS sessions, with one September 1993 re-write being known with interesting lyrics such as "Burning crosses in my own back yard" and "My name's on a cool headstone with a pretty rose."


01. Rain Keeps Fallin'
02. You're My Reason For Living

"Adventures in Oz" (2007)

Paul Stanley promotional appearances on Australian TV during his 2007 tour...


01. Detroit Rock City (NRL)
02. Shandi (Today)
03. Detroit Rock City (AFL)
04. Live To Win (AFL)

"Hit 'N Run" (2007)

Some clips from KISS' 2007 brief series of shows, including the one without Paul...


01. All American Man (July 21)
02. She (July 27)

Alive35/Worldwide" (2008)

Some clips from KISS' 2008 tour, including Tommy's lead-vocal debut...


01. C'mon And Love Me (March 20)
02. Shock Me (March 20)

Original Versions of songs KISS & Related artists later covered.

Tracks 1-4 Notes: Both of these songs were originally released on Barry Mann's 1971 LP, "Lay It All Out", and were covered the same year by Wicked Lester. While Barry did better as a song writer, usually with his wife Cynthia Weil, or Gerry Goffin (co-writters on each of the tracks respectively), his own recordings didn't do so well. What is interesting, from the point of KISStory, is that the audio engineer at Electric Lady Studios, where the album was recorded, was one Ron Johnson, later the producer of the Wicked Lester album. The Hollies song closed their 1970 album "Confessions Of The Mind" and is from one of their more obscure albums...

Tracks 5-15 Notes: Original versions of songs KISS covered; KISS didn't really cover track 15 and they were the first to record Gerard's song...

Tracks 16-20 Notes: Songs Peter covered after KISS. "Polly Von" is way older than the Peter, Paul, and Mary version being a traditional Irish folk song; Track 20 originally released as a non-album single in 1977...

Tracks 21-24 Notes: Songs Ace covered after leaving KISS. Oh, The Move became ELO, who then ELO'd their earlier song, hence why both versions are here. Ace covered the ELO version...

Tracks 25-29 Notes: Songs Gene bought/covered on his "Asshole" album...


Wicked Lester:
01. Barry Mann - Too Many Mondays (1971)
02. Barry Mann - Sweet Ophelia (1971)
03. The Hollies - I Wanna Shout (1970)
04. Infinity - (What Happens) In The Darkness (1972)
05. Walt Disney - When You Wish Upon A Star (1949)
06. Bobby Rydell - Kissin' Time (1959)
07. Bobby Lewis - Tossin' And Turnin' (1961)
08. The Crystals - The He Kissed Me (1963)
09. Dave Clark Five - Any Way You Want It (1965)
10. The Rolling Stones - 2,000 Man (1967)
11. Argent - God Gave Rock And Roll To You (1973)
12. Hello - New York Groove (1975)
13. BTO - Rock And Roll Hell (1979)
14. The Ramones - Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio (1980)
15. Gerard McMahon - Is That You? (1980)
16. Tony Powers - Odyssey (1981)
Peter Criss:
16. Dooley Wilson - As Time Goes By (1943)
17. Peter, Paul & Mary - Polly Von (1963)
18. The Rascals - You Better Run (1968)
19. John Lennon - Jealous Guy (1971)
20. Russ Ballard - Some Kinda Hurricane (1982)
Ace Frehley:
21. Russ Ballard - Into The Night (1984)
22. 707 - Megaforce (1981)
23. The Move - Do Ya (1973)
24. ELO - Do Ya (1976)
Gene Simmons:
25. The Prodigy - Firestarter (1996)
26. Frank Zappa - Black Napkins (1975)
27. Shirleys Temple - Asshole (2002)
28. Dave Williams - Whatever Turns You On (2002)
29. Kitty Gordon - Beautiful (1999)

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