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Gimme More

Paul Stanley, Vinnie Vincent


Live wire, on the loose
White fire, gotta move
Hot blood, need your love
Hard as rock, can't get enough
Wanna feel you deep inside pumpin' through my veins
Fill you to the core
Let me take you thru the night, heaven knows no pain
Open up the door

Gimme more, ooh gimme more, baby gimme more, ooh

Like a dog to a bone
Make you sweat, make you moan
Love is sweet, so insane
Come on lick my candy cane
Passion in the third degree, burning in my brain
Slave to love's desire
Livin', lovin', feel the heat, never to be tamed
Born to play with fire

Gimme more, ooh gimme more, baby gimme more, ooh, yeah yeah


Oh yeah...
Oh yeah...
Ah, listen
Touch my body, take it slow
C'mon make my juices flow
Feelin' good, any price
Ooh nothin' I won't sacrifice
Got a thirst for playin' rough
I can't get my fill
Never keepin' score
C'mon baby, let me in
Gonna break your will
Open up the door

Gimme more, ooh gimme more, baby gimme more, ooh, I want you

(More) C'mon and gimme, gimme more, gimme, gimme more, gimme, gimme, ooh
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