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  1. SWEET OPHELIA - Barry Mann, Gerry Goffin
  2. KEEP ME WAITING - Paul Stanley
  3. LOVE HER ALL I CAN - Paul Stanley
  4. SIMPLE TYPE - Gene Simmons
  5. SHE - Gene Simmons, Steven Coronel
  6. TOO MANY MONDAYS - Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil
  8. WHEN THE BELL RINGS - George Robertson, Chris Welch
  9. MOLLY - Paul Stanley
  10. I WANNA SHOUT - Alan Clarke, Terry Sylvester
  11. LONG LONG ROAD - Unknown
Notes: The track order for this section comes from the remix real of the album which Casablanca bought off Columbia in 1977 to prevent them from cashing in on KISS' then popularity. Whether this was the intended running order is unclear, though songs like "Simple Type" and "She" which segue together were likely going to be in that order on the album, if released. These transcriptions of the songs are by the FAQ maintainer, and are a damn site more accurate than I've seen elsewhere, but there may still be issues with a couple of lines. Three songs have long been attributed to being written by Gene or Paul, simply (and erronously perhaps) since they sang the songs, but there is no evidence for that being the case. Finally, the lyrics to "Long Long Road" wasn't to be included on the album since the recording is a demo. The whole album was remixed for inclusion on the 2001 KISS "Box Set," but only three songs were used.

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