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Burn Bitch Burn

Gene Simmons

Well it's out of the fryin' pan and into the fire
You bend over, baby, and let me be the driver
Just a cut of pink, wouldn't believe me if I told you
But this time you bit off more than you can chew
My my, yeah, just listen to this, babe

I got nasty habits, it's a fine line
So many girls and so little time
When love rears its head, I wanna get on your case (oh yeah!)
Ooh baby, wanna put my log in your fireplace
Ooh, maybe baby, you wanna get played

Burn bitch burn, oooh, burn bitch burn, oooh
Burn bitch burn, oooh, burn bitch burn


Well it's an act of thrust and anyway you slice it
No sticks and stones, no kicks and groans can hide it
So why kid yourself, it's so cut and dry (Baby!)
Your body's condemned, and figures don't lie

Gonna cover my class, won't sit up and beg
Gotta keep my tail between my legs
You're cuttin' off your nose to spite your face
Ooh babe, gonna put you in your place

So burn bitch burn, oooh (well the heels are stacked now)
Burn bitch burn, oooh (and there's nothin' you can do)
Burn bitch burn, oooh (so don't burn your bridges)
Burn bitch burn

We're all through, we are all through baby (so just burn)


Well the heels are stacked (against you)
Don't burn your bridges, we're all through
Hey babe, 'cause there's nothin' you can do
Burn bitch burn, oooh (and there's nothin' you can do babe)
Burn bitch burn, oooh (we're all through)
Burn bitch burn, oooh (ooh burn, burn my baby)
Burn bitch burn, oooh (yeah)

(repeats out)
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