© 1984, Mercury/PolyGram Records; © 1997, KISS Catalog Ltd

  1. I'VE HAD ENOUGH (INTO THE FIRE) - Paul Stanley, Desmond Child
  2. HEAVEN'S ON FIRE - Paul Stanley, Desmond Child
  3. BURN BITCH BURN - Gene Simmons
  4. GET ALL YOU CAN TAKE - Paul Stanley, Mitch Weissman
  5. LONELY IS THE HUNTER - Gene Simmons
  6. UNDER THE GUN - Paul Stanley, Eric Carr, Desmond Child
  7. THRILLS IN THE NIGHT - Paul Stanley, Jean Beauvoir
  8. WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS - Gene Simmons, Mitch Weissman
  9. MURDER IN HIGH-HEELS - Gene Simmons, Mitch Weissman

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