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Cold Gin

Ace Frehley

Oh yeah!
How you all feel?
Alright, I've got a little question for all of you.
I wanna know, how many people here like to take a taste of alcohol?

I know. You know it's getting so hot outside and you always need something to cool you off.
There's got to be some people out there that like to drink tequila.

I was talking to somebody backstage before, and they were telling me there's alot of you who like to drink vodka and orange juice.

I'll tell you something...
When you're down in the dumps, and you need something to bring you up.
There's only one thing that's gonna do it the way you want it! (Cold Gin!)
What's that! (Cold Gin!)
I can't hear you! (Cold Gin!)
Cold Gin!


My heater's broke, I'm so tired
I need your fuel to build my fire
The girl next door, her lights are out, yeah
The landlord's gone, I'm down and out

Ooh, it's cold gin time again
You know it'll always win
Cold gin time again
You know it's the only thing
That keeps us together

It's time to leave and get another quart
Around the corner at the liquor store
The cheapest stuff is all I need
To get me back on my feet again


That keeps us together! (Oh yeah)

[Guitar Solo]

Alright! Oh yeah!


[Outro Guitar Solo]

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