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Shock Me

Ace Frehley

We've got a little surprise for you tonight
We're gonna turn the microphone over to Ace Frehley!
Shock me!

Your lightnin's all I need
My satisfaction grows
You make me feel at ease
You even make me glow
Don't cut the power on me
I'm feelin' low, so get me high

Shock me (make me feel better)
Shock me (put on your black leather)
Shock me (we can come together)

And baby, if you do
What you've been told
My insulation's gone
Girl you make me overload
Don't pull the plug on me, no, no
Keep it in, and keep me high


Come on...

[Guitar Solo]

Shock me (baby)
Shock me (oh yeah)
Shock me (baby)
Shock me (whoa yeah)

Shock me (make me feel better, oh yeah)
I'm down to the bare wire
Shock me (put on your black leather, baby)
I wanna feel your power
Shock me (we can come together, oh yeah)
C'mon, c'mon and shock me (we can come together, oh yeah)

[Ace Frehley Guitar Solo]

Ace Frehley, lead guitar!
Shock me!
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