Delicacy of Godzilla Devastating Tokyo

Kiss Saves a Football Season (Oakland Tribune, 12/75) When Cadillac High in Cadillac, Mich., lost its first two football games in the '74 season, head coach Dave Brines called a staff meeting. "The kids weren't having any fun," he said, "so I suggested we start playing some music in the locker room before and after practices." He called on an assistant coach ("our rock and roll expert") to think of something suitable: he came up with Kiss. The rest is Cadillac High history -- seven straight wins and a piece of the conference championship.

So it was only natural this year that the school should invite Kiss themselves to help celebrate their recent 'homecoming.' Kiss' management, knowing an ideal publicity gimmick when it stared them in the face, happily agreed. Two days of Kissmania resulted, as the painted and caped punk-rockers descended on the town for a parade, photo sessions and a campus concert in front of 1,500 likewise-painted students and parents.

Kiss was on its best behavior. Coach Brines: "Five minutes before going on stage, Gene Simmons said to me, 'Do you want me to spit blood (one of their stage effects)? If you hedge, I won't do it.' I said, 'Weeeelillll . . ." So he didn't. They put on a class show. And they seemed like real straight, nice guys. Having them come to Cadillac has done more to unify the town than anything I can think of." Oh, yes: Cadillac beat Chippewa Hills, 10 to 6.