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Jem/Passport Records PB-6034 (USA, 6/19/1984)
Music For Nations MFN-24 (UK, 1984)
Plasmatics Media, Inc. WOW-103 (USA, 2000 - Reissue)


A1. I Love Sex (And Rock And Roll) (3:47) - Simmons/Beech/Swenson/Tolliver/Stotts « MP3 »
A2. It's My Life (3:58) - Simmons/Stanley « MP3 »
A3. Priestess (3:23) - Beech/Swenson/Romanelli « MP3 »
A4. Thief In The Night (3:47) - Simmons/Weissman « MP3 »
A5. Opus in Cm7 (4:20) - Swenson/Romanelli « MP3 »
B1. Ready To Rock (5:11) - Swenson/Romanelli/Stotts « MP3 »
B2. Bump And Grind (4:27) - Beech/Swenson/Romanelli/Tolliver/Stotts « MP3 »
B3. Legends Never Die (4:25) - Simmons/Free/Mitchell « MP3 »
B4. Ain't None Of Your Business (3:27) - Simmons/Carr/Vincent « MP3 »


Produced by Gene Simmons. Engineered by Frank Filipetti. 2nd Engineer: Tom Roberts. Assistant Engineers: Billy Miranda, Tom Brick, and Moira Marquis. Recoded and mixed at Right Track Studios, New York City, NY. The album was released June 13, 1984 with Wendy describing it as "The most powerful record I've ever done" (Stars & Stripes).

Gene played the majority of bass on the album credited as "Reginald Van Helsing." Some fans of the horror genre will immediately recognize the surname as coming from Bram Stoker's "Dracula" character Dr. Abraham Van Helsing. There have been suggestions, stemming from a Wendy O. Williams interview in the French magazine "Enfer" that the bassist was actually a well known guitarist who had also played bass on a post-1985 Sammy Hagar solo album.

That comment suggests that the bassist was one Edward Van Halen. However, Eddie's involvement with the project never materialized and he had simply been mentioned as a possible guest player during the early stages of the project. It should be noted that the "W.O.W." album was Gene's first released extra-KISS production role. He also set the precedent of controlling who played on the recording and used material from his own catalog of songs when he felt that the band's material didn't measure up. Or when the opportunity arose. In addition to any fees earned as producer additional song-writing royalties never hurt!

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