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KID CASHMIR & WINNIE LeCOUX - Happy Birthday USA (1976)


Phantom Records HB-10579 (USA, 1976)


A1. Happy Birthday USA (3:19) - Cusano/Wolff « MP3 | LYRICS »
B1. The Exorcism of Kazcnyz (2:46) - Wolff/Sprigg « MP3 »


On what may be Vinnie's first professional recordings, Vinnie would team with David Wolff to write a novelty song in honor of the American bicentennial celebration of 1976. David would later be the manager and partner of Cyndi Lauper. The song, released as the A-side of a Phantom Records single (HB-10579), would be written by Wolff and Cusano though was credited to their pseudonyms of Kid Cashmir (David) and Winnie LeCoux (Vinnie). According to Vinnie, "in 1975 I had a record deal. One shot single on Windfall Records. One shot. It was called 'Happy Birthday U.S.A.' It was a rock 'n roll Bicentennial song. And his manager Bud Prager heard the song I did and said, 'Ah man, I've got to put this out.' And you know I was real.... I had no experience. And Mick Jones was the second guitarist for Leslie West at the time" (REH ProTalk w/ Steve Rosen, 1988). While Vinnie would play lead guitar and share vocals on the A-Side, he would not be involved in the writing of the B-side, "The Exorcism of Kazcnyz." That song would be written by Ed Sprigg, the producer of the tracks, and "Kid Cashmir." The song is performed with live audience overdubs...


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