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Casablanca/PolyGram 6302-032 (Australia, 6/13/80)
Casablanca/Phonogram 6302-032 (Europe, 6/80)
Casablanca/Phonogram CALP-5062 (Italy, 1980)
Casablanca/Polystar 25S-3 (Japan, 1980)
Polystar R00C-2022 (Japan, 1984)
Polystar P33C-20010 (Japan, 1987 - CD Reissue)
Mercury PHCR-6111 (Japan, 1997 - CD Remaster)
Universal/Mercury PHCR-94051 (Japan, 9/19/1998 - Reissue)
Universal/Mercury UICY-3850 (Japan, 6/9/05 - Reissue)
Universal Music UICY-6424 (Japan, 9/27/06 - Reissue)
Casablanca/PolyGram LPR-43038 (Mexico, 1980 - various color vinyls)
Mercury/Phonogram STAR-5127 (South Africa, 1980)
Mercury/Phonogram 6302-032 (UK, 6/80)
Casablanca NBLP-7225 (US, 5/20/80)
Casablanca/PolyGram 800-041-1/2/4 (US Reissue, 7/85, CD, 7/87)
Mercury 532-389-2/4 (Int. Remaster, 10/7/97)
Mercury/Island Def Jam Music Group B002007201-A (USA, 4/1/2014 - 180g vinyl)


A1. Is That You? (3:55) - McMahon « MP3 | LYRICS »
A2. Shandi (3:33) - Stanley/Poncia « MP3 | LYRICS »
(USA #47, 6/21/80; AUS #10; AUZ #5; CAN #70; GER #28; HOL #24; NOR #4; NZD #6)
A3. Talk To Me (4:00) - Frehley « MP3 | LYRICS »
(AUZ #39; GER #32; FRA #34; SWZ #10)
A4. Naked City (3:49) - Simmons/R.Kulick/Castro/Poncia « MP3 | LYRICS »
A5. What Makes The World Go 'Round (4:14) - Stanley/Poncia « MP3 | LYRICS »
B1. Tomorrow (3:16) - Stanley/Poncia « MP3 | LYRICS »
(USA, did not chart; GER #70)
B2. Two Sides Of The Coin (3:15) - Frehley « MP3 | LYRICS »
B3. She's So European (3:30) - Simmons/Poncia « MP3 | LYRICS »
B4. Easy As It Seems (3:24) - Stanley/Poncia « MP3 | LYRICS »
B5. Torpedo Girl (3:31) - Frehley/Poncia « MP3 | LYRICS »
B6. You're All That I Want (3:04) - Simmons/Poncia « MP3 | LYRICS »


Produced by Vini Poncia. Recorded and mixed by Jay Messina and Gary Russell at The Record Plant, New York City, NY; January - March 1980. Engineered by Gary Russell. Cover art illustration by Victor Stabin. Includes poster and merchandise form. Anton Fig again plays drums in place Peter Criss, only this time on every track on the album. Other session players include Holly Knight (Keyboards) and Tom Harper (Bass) - both on "Shandi." The multicolored vinyl issue is an ultra-rare Mexican issue which sells for US$350+. It was also issued in traslucent yellow swirl, gold, yellow, and possibly clear vinyl. Regardless of what has been said, Peter Criss doesn't appear on this album in any form other than being on the cover.

Performance credits:

Is That You? - Anton Fig on drums, Paul Stanley on guitar solo
Shandi - Anton Fig on drums, Tom Harper on bass, Holly Knight on keyboards, Paul Stanley on lead guitar
Talk To Me - Anton Fig on drums, Ace Frehley on bass & lead trout
Naked City - Anton Fig on drums
What Makes The World Go 'Round - Anton Fig on drums, Paul Stanley on lead guitar
Tomorrow - Anton Fig on drums, Paul Stanley on bass
Two Sides Of The Coin - Anton Fig on drums, Ace Frehley on bass
She's So European - Anton Fig on drums
Easy As It Seems - Anton Fig on drums, Paul Stanley on bass and guitar solo
Torpedo Girl - Anton Fig on drums, Ace Frehley on bass
You're All That I Want - Anton Fig on drums, Gene Simmons on rhythm guitar, Paul Stanley on lead guitar
** Vini Poncia plays keyboards, percussion, and sings backing vocals throughout the album; Anton Fig drums on all tracks...

Chart Action:

Chart Peak (USA): #35 (7/26/80) with 14 weeks on charts. Other countries: AUS #3; AUZ #3; CAN #12; GER #4; ITA #11; SWE #17


"Unmasked" was certified gold on 7/30/80 by the RIAA. It has sold over 177,000 (3/12) copies since the SoundScan(r) era commenced in 1991. The album was certified gold by the CRIA (Canada) for sales of 50,000 copies on 10/1/80.

Performed Live:

36% of "Unmasked" has been performed live with "Is That You?," "You're All That I Want," and "Talk To Me" debuting, along with Eric Carr, at the Palladium in New York City on July 25, 1980. "Shandi" followed, during the Australian leg of the "Unmasked" tour.


Unmasked Poster
Merchandise Order Form: Front | Back
Center Ring: Canada | USA
Mexican "Swirley Vinyl" Version

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