© 1979, Line Records/Bomp.

TOMMY ROCK - Dancing The Night Away (1979)


Line Records/Bomp LMS-3003 (Ger, 1979)


A1. Dancing The Night Away (2:32) - Rock/Fowley
B1. Modern Girls (3:18) - Pickus/Rock
B2. Felicio (2:52) - Pickus/Rock


Produced by Kim Fowley. "Vinnie (Cusano) Vincent on lead guitar. His pre-Taste for His Invasion. He came in from an ad call. Had all these certificates: Laura Nyro. Felix Cavalieri. Dan (Instant Replay) Hartmann. The point was: With Kim at the helm of this El Cheapo Tommy Rock excursion, We (Gary P. and I) Had No Room For Improvement. He had to be On Time, Brilliant, and Kool."


Modern Girls MP3
Kim Fowley & Tommy Rock

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