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Intense Records CD09233 (USA, 1990)


01. Livin' for My Lord (4:54) - Ken Tamplin « MP3 »
02. The Continuing Saga of Screwtape and Wormwood (0:30) - Lanny Cordola
03. Goin' All the Way (4:08) - Ken Tamplin / Scott Van Zen
04. Never Give Up (A Wife's Tribute) (5:16) - Ken Tamplin
05. Music Box (0:58) - Scott Van Zen
06. Not Alone (3:51) - Ken Tamplin / Scott Van Zen
07. Goin' Home (5:27) - Ken Tamplin / Scott Van Zen
08. Bouree' in E Minor (0:45) - J.S. Bach
09. Straight Between the Eyes (4:17) - Ken Tamplin / Scott Van Zen
10. I Hear Cryin' (4:49) - Ken Tamplin / Scott Van Zen
11. Armageddon (1:02) - Scott Van Zen
12. Holdin' On/The Chase (3:44) - Ken Tamplin / Roger Mielke
13. Take 'Em Back (3:22) - Ken Tamplin
14. Believin' is the Hardest Part (4:21) - Ken Tamplin / Lanny Cordola
15. All the Things You Are (7:18) - Oscar Hammerstein / Gerome Kern


Produced by Ken Tamplin; Co-produced by Lanny Cordola (a one-time St. John guitar student); Recorded at Micronote Recording Studios, Pasadena, CA; Mark St. John plays lead guitar on track 01 on a Ken Tamplin album! Ken is an insiprational Christian rocker more famed for his involvement in the band "Shout". Needless to say, Tamplin has also worked with numerous bands, including co-writing with KISS, most recently writing with Gene on "I Confess" off Carnival Of Souls. He has had a long association with Scott Van Zen, a Los Angeles guitarist, who has also worked with KISS.


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