© 1984, CBS/Sony Records.



CBS/Sony 26120 (USA, 1984)
CBCS 26120 (France, 1984)


A1. Fils De La Nuit (4:10) - Stevie/Stone/Mullaney « MP3 »
A2. Gypsy (4:15) - Stevie/Martin « MP3 »
A3. On Oublie Tout (4:40) - Stevie/Lorquin/Martin « MP3 »
A4. Without You (5:18) - Stevie/Tardio « MP3 »
B1. Radio (4:12) - Stevie/Martin « MP3 »
B2. Le Chemin En Arriere (3:26) - Stevie/Tardio/Martin « MP3 »
B3. Coeur Killer (4:26) - Stevie/Bonvoisin/Krief « MP3 »
B4. Tu Me Manques Mec (4:10) - Stevie/Lorquin/Martin « MP3 »
B5. Take Me Back (4:08) - Stevie/Krief « MP3 »


Produced by Jan Mullaney and Rosetta Stone. Recorded at Boogie Hotel Studio, New York and Venus Studio, Longueville, France, March-April 1984. Bruce doesn't play on two of the album's tracks "Coeur Killer" & "Tu Me Manques Mec." Additional vocals on seven of the album's tracks are by Rosetta Stone, on whose 1980 album Bruce played and wrote. Bruce's Good Rats band-fellow Schuyler Deale plays bass on all of the album's tracks while Blackjack alumni Michael Bolton sings on "Without You." Album has printed inner dust sleeve and Bruce is credited as "Bruce Külick"! Cööl!


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