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Entertainment One Music EOM-CD-8773 (USA Jewel Case CD, 10/19/18)
Entertainment One Music EOM-LP-46059 (USA 180g Orange Vinyl, 10/19/18)
Entertainment One Music EOM-LP-46060 (USA 180g Neon Blue Vinyl, 10/19/18)
Entertainment One Music E? (USA Vinyl Edition, 10/19/18)
Victor Entertainment VICP-65499 (Japan, 10/19/18)


A1. Without You I'm Nothing (4:06) - Frehley / Simmons « MP3 | LYRICS »
A2. Rockin' With the Boys (4:15) - Frehley « MP3 | LYRICS »
A3. Your Wish Is My Command (3:38) - Frehley / Simmons « MP3 | LYRICS »
A4. Bronx Boy (2:50) - Frehley / Mancuso « MP3 | LYRICS »
A5. Pursuit of Rock and Roll (4:32) - Frehley « MP3 | LYRICS »
B1. I Wanna Go Back (4:01) - Byrom / Chauncey / Walker « MP3 | LYRICS »
B2. Mission to Mars (3:39) - Frehley / DiBenedetto / Kunzman / Gullic « MP3 | LYRICS »
B3. Off My Back (3:38) - Frehley « MP3 | LYRICS »
B4. Quantum Flux (6:28) - Frehley « MP3 »


Produced by Ace Frehley. Co-produced by Alex Salzman, except B4 co-produced by Warren Huart. Mixed by Warren Huart at Spitfire Studio, assisted by Eric Glnzalez and Andrew Perez. Engineered by Warren Huart assisted by Hayden Cluff. Recorded at Spaceman Studio, Rancho Santa Fe, CA. The album's cover photo is a hommage to the 40th anniversary of the 1978 solo albums era silver suit photo. Co-writers of "Mission to Mars," Tom Kunzman and Kait DiBenedetto, are members of the rock duo 18th & Addison.

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USA Chart Peak (USA): #X (X/XX/18) with XX weeks on charts.
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USA: "Spaceman" sold X copies during its first week according to Soundscan.


Ace Frehley - Vocals; guitars; backing vocals; bass A1, A2, A4, A5, B2, B3; sound-effects.
Gene Simmons - Bass on A1
Scot Coogan - Drums on A1, A3, A4, B2; backing vocals on A3, A4
Matt Starr - Drums on A2, B1, B4
Alex Salzman - Backing vocals on A2-4; bass on A3, B1
Rachael Gordon - Backing vocals on A2, A3
Ronnie Mancuso - Guitars on A4, B2
Anton Fig - Drums on A5 & B3
Warren Huart - Guitar and bass on B4


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