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Buddah BDS-5654 (USA, 1976)


A1. *Tears, Tears, Tears (4:56) - Parris « MP3 »
A2. **How I Wish We Could Do It Again (4:19) - White/Relf
A3. *Let My Fingers Do The Walking (3:30) - Parris « MP3 »
A4. *We're A Star (3:35) - Parris « MP3 »
A5. *In The Still Of The Night (4:20) - Parris « MP3 »
B1. **Everybody Stand And Clap Your Hands (3:43) - Parris
B2. **Light The Matches (3:35) - Parris
B3. **Get It Up (4:05) - Parris
B4. **Hey There Pretty Lady (3:54) - Parris
B5. **All Over Now (3:46) - Parris


Produced by Al Altman & Marty Kugell. Recorded at Conneticut Recording Studios, Bridgeport CT and Gold Star Studios. Mixed by Billy Rose II and Ron Bacchiocchi (Connecticut Recording Studios, Inc.) assisted by Jack Kugell age 9. Arranged by Paul Leka* & Gene Page**. Mastered by Domenic Romero. Includes lyric insert sheet. Lead vocals by Fredericke Lee Parris; Album includes a re-recorded version of Fred's Five Satins 1956 hit, "In The Still Of The Night." Vinnie was doing session work at this studio at the time of the recording of this album, so his specific recording contributions are not specified on the credits. He is mis-creditted on the album as "Vinnie Casano" (see the credits). It's seems likely that any session work was restricted to the songs recorded at CRS (A1, A3, A4, & A5) since the others seem to date from early 1975 while the rest seem to date from the end of that year and the following. An extended disco version of A1 exists from 12" singles.


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