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20th Century Fox Records T-602 (US, 1980)


01. Pick Me Up (3:02) - Stone/Kulick « MP3 »
02. Keep On Fighting (3:44) - Stone/Levinsohn
03. Where's My Hero (5:26) - Stone/Levinsohn « MP3 »
04. Voodoo (3:56) - Stone/Levinsohn
05. Paradise Lost (3:30) - Stone/Levinsohn « MP3 »
06. Nothing But A Heartache (3:49) - Stone/Levinsohn
07. On To You (3:51) - Stone/Levinsohn
08. Man Of Steel (3:50) - Stone « MP3 »
09. Bad News (3:35) - Stone/Levinsohn « MP3 »


Produced by Eddy Offord & Philippe Saisse. Musical Direction by Blake Levinsohn. Engineered by Rob Davis & Eddy Offord. Recorded and mixed at Eddy Offord's Remote Studio, Woodstock, NY. An interesting album of harder-edged AOR, Rozetta Stone had a Laura Branigan/Joan Jett type voice which worked well with this not-too-subtle album! Other players included Vince Caliuto on drums, Tim Landers on bass, Blake Levinsohn on Rhodes, Philippe Saisse on acoustic piano, keyboards (of various types), and Brenda Madison, R.A. Martin, Millie Whiteside, and Dede Washburn on backing vocals. Bruce is credited as "courtesy of Polydor Records," his then label with Blackjack, not to mention that Offord was Blackjack's producer.


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