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Mercury/Phonogram 8DC-P9048 (Japan, 7/98 - Promo)
Mercury/Phonogram PHCR-90007 (Japan, 9/18/98 - 3D Pop-Up Cover)
Mercury PHCR-1675 (Japan, 9/20/98 - Fold-out cover)
Universal/Mercury UICY-3862 (Japan, 6/9/05)
Universal Music UICY-6478 (Japan, 10/18/06)
Mercury/Phonogram 538 137-2 (Germany, 1998)
Mercury/PolyGram MEAD-169 (USA, 7/98 - Promo)
Mercury/PolyGram 558-992-2/4 (USA, 9/22/98)
Mercury/Island Def Jam Music Group B002007101-A (USA, 5/6/2014 - 180g vinyl)


01. Psycho Circus (5:37) - Stanley/Cuomo « MP3 | LYRICS »
(USA #1, 11/7/98 - Mainstream Rock Tracks; AUZ #22; HOL #98; NOR #8; SWE #4)
02. Within (5:10) - Simmons « MP3 | LYRICS »
03. I Pledge Allegience To The State Of Rock And Roll (3:32) - Stanley/Knight/Cuomo « MP3 | LYRICS »
04. Into The Void (4:22) - Frehley/Cochran « MP3 | LYRICS »
05. We Are One (4:41) - Simmons « MP3 | LYRICS »
(USA, did not chart; AUZ #40; NOR #18; SWE #31)
06. You Wanted The Best (4:15) - Simmons « MP3 | LYRICS »
(USA #22, 12/26/98 - Mainstream Rock Tracks)
07. Raise Your Glasses (4:14) - Stanley/Knight « MP3 | LYRICS »
08. I Finally Found My Way (3:40) - Stanley/Ezrin « MP3 | LYRICS »
(SWE, did not chart)
09. Dreamin' (4:12) - Stanley/Kulick « MP3 | LYRICS »
10. Journey Of 1,000 Years (4:47) - Simmons « MP3 | LYRICS »
11. In Your Face (3:40) - Simmons « MP3 | LYRICS »


Produced by Bruce Fairbairn. Recorded at One On One Studios and A&M Studios in Los Angeles, CA, January - April 1998. Final mastering completed 6/24/98 by George Marino. Strings arranged by Shelly Berg. Track 11, sung by Ace, is only available on the Japanese version of the album. Drums on all of the album's tracks, except "Into The Void," were performed by Kevin Valentine. The majority of the lead guitar work was by Tommy Thayer (apparently offered some $20K for the effort) with some having the sonic signature of Paul Stanley (but not necessarily being by him). Some notes indicate that Bruce Kulick played bass on "Psycho Circus" and "Body And Soul;" and it is likely that there are other contributions by him.

Performance credits:

Psycho Circus - Bruce Kulick on bass
We Are One - Paul Stanley on bass; Gene Simmons on guitar
I Finally Found My Way - Bruce Kulick on bass; Shelly Berg on acoustic piano; Bob Ezrin on Fender Rhodes
I Pledge Allegiance - Bruce Kulick on bass on chorus
Within - Bruce Kulick on backwards guitar intro
You Wanted The Best - Ace Frehley on guitar solo
Dreamin' - Bruce Kulick on rhythm guitar
Journey Of 1,000 Years - Shelly Berg on acoustic piano
** It's pretty obvious that there are other players on the album, mainly Tommy Thayer (providing the majority of lead guitar) and Kevin Valentine (drums). The only song the original four members play on is "Into The Void"...

Chart Action:

Chart Peak: #3 (10/1/98) with 14 weeks on charts. Other countries: AUS #25; AUZ #1; CAN #2; GER #5; JAP #20; NOR #4; SWE #1; SWZ #30; UK #47.


"Psycho Circus" was certified gold by the RIAA on 10/22/98. By February 2007 the album had sold 481,000 according to SoundScan(r). It is currently out-of-print in the USA. By 2003 Universal Music International reported international sales of over 400,000 of the album (Billboard, 8/9/03).

Performed Live:

40% of this album has been performed live. "Psycho Circus," "Within," and "Into The Void" debuted at the special Halloween 1998 concert at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA on October 31, 1998. They remained in the set for the full "Psycho Circus" tour. "I Pledge Allegiance to the State of Rock 'N' Roll" had three performances in Australia in May 2004.


USA Advance Promo Cover | CD
Japanese 5 Track Sampler
Japanese Alt. Album Cover
Japanese Slip-case Cover | 3D Package (Front) | 3D Package (Rear) | Lyric Insert Booklet | CD Sleeve
UK Psycho Circus Advance CD Scan | Cover | Cover Inlay
UK Psycho Circus Release Cover Sticker
German Psycho Circus Release Sticker | Cover

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