© (P) 1972, Paramount Records.



Paramount PAS-6051 (USA, 1973)
Paramount/Quality Records PAS-6051 (Canada, 1973)
Paramount/EMI SPFL-288 (UK, 1973)


A1. She Used To Wanna Be A Ballerina (3:34) - Saint-Marie
A2. I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore* (4:05) - Newman
A3. Canta Libre (4:05) - Diamond
A4. Weddin' (3:04) - Dahlstrom/Leff « MP3 »
A5. Celebrate I (1:48) - Bonner/Gordon « MP3 »
B1. Celebrate II (2:00) - Bonner/Gordon « MP3 »
B2. All My Choices (3:05) - Michlin/Stroll
B3. Is Everybody Happy?** (3:23) - Arnold/Martin/Morrow
B4. Unrequired (2:45) - Kooper
B5. Take Me With You* (3:09) - Kaye
B6. Billy Come Down (3:43) - Cook/Greenaway/Brown


Produced by Ron Johnsen. Recorded at the Electric Lady Studios, New York City, NY in 1972. Horn arragements by Al Gorgoni. Alan Schwartzberg drums; Backing vocals by Margaret Dorn, Lydia Lawley, Shannon Redd, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley; Paul and Gene are only on tracks A4, A5, & B1, this was their first professionally creditted appearance on vinyl. Peter Criscoula and his brother "clapped" on track A5/B1, the day they met Gene and Paul at Electric Lady. * Marked were US singles, ** Marked were UK singles, so the album probably saw distribution there as well (in fact it is likely that the album was at least distributed in Australia and Europe, in addition to the UK and North America). Copyright of this album was transferred from ABC Records, Inc. to MCA Records, Inc. in early 1979.


Rear cover album credits
Canadian LP center ring

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