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Casablanca NBLP-7170 (USA, 8/14/79)


A1. Disco Symphony (10:05) - Siano MP3 | LYRICS »
A2. In And Out Of Love (6:41) - Siano MP3 | LYRICS »
B1. Baby Without Your Love (7:03) - Siano MP3 | LYRICS »
B2. I Love The Way You Love Me (5:25) - Siano/Henderson/Dozier MP3 | LYRICS »
B3. One Step At A Time (6:28) - Henderson/Dozier MP3 | LYRICS »


Produced by Lewis Merenstein and Ralph Moss. Assistant producer Howard Merritt. Recorded at the Sound Place, New York City, NY, May-June, 1979. Released August 14, 1979. Eric Carr is credited as Paul Caravello on drums and backing vocals. This record is NOT as extremely rare and hard to find as once thought. Lightning was essentially the same band as Mother Nature / Father Time, a band Eric played with that was also performing live as "Gregg Diamond's Bionic Boogie". Lew would be the controlling factor concerning the recording of the "Lightning" album and the band's signing with Casablanca Records. There is no shortage of irony that as the replacement drummer for KISS, Eric had already released an album on the same record label as the band produced by the same producer who had worked on his predecessors sole pre-KISS album release! Tracks A1 & B1 were also released as a promotional 12" single. An acetate dated June 25, 1979 indicates that recording was completed by that date. The album was briefly reviewed/mentioned in Billboard Magazine: "Falling into the same category of cover excitement and poor material is the Casablanca release by a group called Lightning. Side one consists of 'Disco Symphony' and 'In And Out of Love,' two cuts that are too light and breezy." (9/1/79).

There are two versions of the packaging: the spine on one is sliver/grey with black lettering; and on the other it is beige, a wrap around of the cover graphic. There are also two pressings, one by Casablanca and one by PolyGram, both at the same time. There are also copies which list the wrong release code (NBLP7173, which was actually Don McClean). According to Dale Sherman in Black Diamond, 5 or six copies of the album exist, though it is now clear that *that* estimate was incorrect. Other sources close to the Caravello family put the number closer to fifty which I also somewhat doubt due to the frequency with which the album is popping up! Hundreds of copies have been on the market since 1996 and pristine examples can be found for less than $20, though the promotional version seems more common.


Paul Caravello ····· Drums/Backing Vocals
John Henderson ····· Guitar/Backing Vocals/Lead Vocals on A2, B2 & B3
Tom Siano ····· Guitar/Backing Vocals
Eddie Dozier ····· Backing Vocals/Lead Vocals on A1 & B1
David Collier ····· Bass/Backing Vocals
Jerry Plotkin ····· Keyboards
Bo Tamlyn ····· Synthesizer on A1, A2, B1, & B3
Obie O' Brian ····· Keyboards
Dino Kovacs ····· Keyboards
Jeff Ross ····· Guitar
Ricky Cardona ····· Congos on A1
Julie Burger ····· Backing Vocals on A2 & B2
Holly Oasi ····· Backing Vocals on A2 & B2
Mika Richardson ····· Strings & Horns Arranging


Rear cover credits zoom
Center-rings: Acetate | PRC Promo | PRC Promo 2 | Casa Promo | PRC Release
12" single center-rings


There are assorted pressings, demonstrated by the varying matrix numbers etched in the run out grooves. This also would indicate that a goodly number of records were produced, pressed at a variety of locations. Thanks to Sean Reid for the information he put together from his own extensive interactions with the album! Matrix codes appear to run as follow: 1. NBLP-7170-AS-PRC-C1 & BS-PRC-C1 ("C" series)
2. NBLP-7170-AS-PRC-R1 & BS-PRC-R3(R4) ("R" series)
** Some copies have R3 on the B-side, others R4...
3. NBLP-7170-AS-K2 & BS-K2 ("K" series)

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