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Epic/CBS Records (Unreleased, 1972)


A1. Sweet Ophelia (3:06) - Barry Mann, Gerry Goffin « MP3 | LYRICS»
A2. Keep Me Waiting (3:23) - Paul Stanley « MP3 | LYRICS»
A3. Love Her All I Can (2:35) - Paul Stanley « MP3 | LYRICS»
A4. Simple Type (2:40) - Gene Simmons « MP3 | LYRICS»
A5. She (3:07) - Gene Simmons, Steven Coronel « MP3 | LYRICS»
B1. Too Many Mondays (3:44) - Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil « MP3 | LYRICS»
B2. (What Happens) In The Darkness (3:10) - Tamy Lester Smith « MP3 | LYRICS»
B3. When The Bell Rings (3:25) - George Robertson, Chris Welch « MP3 | LYRICS»
B4. Molly (2:37) - Paul Stanley « MP3 | LYRICS»
B5. (We Want To) Shout It Out Loud (2:49) - Alan Clarke, Terry Sylvester « MP3 | LYRICS»


Produced by Ron Johnsen. Recorded at Electric Lady Studios between November 1971 and August 1972. The band used any studio time that was available. The track order for this section comes from the remix reel of the album, which Casablanca bought off Columbia in 1977 to prevent them from cashing in on KISS' then popularity. Whether this was the intended running order is unclear, though songs like "Simple Type" and "She," which segue together, were likely going to be in that order on the album, were it released.

There are several versions of the songs that circulate: the "alternative versions," which are the songs as they have circulated for many years; the "album version," which appears to be the finished product complete with all the over dubs; and the "Box Set" versions, which could possibly be from the Casablanca remix version of the album, since they differ from the other two. Some have tried to describe some of the versions as "demos," though Paul Stanley is adamant: "There weren't any Wicked Lester demos" (Firehouse #60). This indicates that all of the material is simply different levels of studio recordings and mixes.

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