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Rocker/New Renaissance Records NRC/NRLP/NRCD-26 (USA, 1988)
Music For Nations CDMFN-86 (UK, 1988)


A1. Mean Street Machine (4:27) - Philips/Appice/Jones
A2. Take It Off* (3:57) - Philips/Free/Appice « MP3 »
A3. Walls Of Silence (5:24) - Northrup
A4. Legends Never Die (5:03) - Simmons/Free/Mitchell « MP3 »
B1. Redline (4:07) - Philips/Appice/Jones
B2. Burning In Her Fire (3:33) - Northrup
B3. Perfect Crime (3:56) - Northrup/Edwards/Hicks/Hart
B4. It's My Life (3:40) - Simmons/Stanley « MP3 »
B5. #1 (5:10) - Philips/Appice


Produced by Carmen Appice; Co-produced by David Michael-Philips and Alex Woltman; Additional Co-producer (*): Elliot Solomon; Recorded at American Recording, Woodland Hills, CA; The Edge Studios, Los Angeles, CA; Pasha Music House, Hollywood, CA; Baby-O Studios, Hollywood, CA; Sound City, Van Nuys, CA; Record Plant, Hollywood, CA; King Kobra consisted of David Michael-Philips (Lead, Rhythm and Bass Guitar; Backing Vocals; Acoustic & Slide Guitars), Carmine Appice (Drums, Precussion, Backing Vocals), Johnny "Boy" Edwards (The Voice), Jeff Northrup (Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals), and Larry Hart (Bass Guitar).

Peter Criss is credited via the King Kobra Khoir though he only sings backing vocals on one track (A2). Peter's wife Debbie would be in the video for the song. This "Khoir" included Johnny Rod (KK, then WASP), Steve Sachi, Mark Olden, Bryson Jones, Peter Criss, Sarah Appice, Bob Spinella, Dave Flynn - Hollywood. Also interesting is the covers of two KISS written tracks that had been recorded on the Wendy O. Williams album back in 1984.


Album insert sheet Side 2 | Side 2

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