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Twenty4 Records MZE-1429 (USA, 6/2/2015)


01. Got To Get Back (3:39) - Katz/Kulick « MP3 »
02. I'll Never Take You Back (3:58) - Katz « MP3 »
03. My Baby (4:30) - Katz « MP3 »
04. Someday (2:05) - Katz « MP3 »
05. Tryin' To Find A Way (4:28) - Katz/Kulick « MP3 »
06. You Won't Be There (5:40) - Katz « MP3 »
07. You've Got A Hold On Me (5:19) - Katz « MP3 »


Remastered and remixed from the master tapes recorded at Sudden Rush Recording Studio, New York City, NY, during September 13, 1974. KKB was a power trio that didn't have a name at the time. The band members recorded a new track completing their component parts at Stagg Street Studios, Muscle Money Music Studios, and Midilive Studios, Paris. Strings on 04 arranged by Jeremy Rubolino assisted by Josh Franks. Mixed and mastered by Brian Virtue. This release brings the original tracks, first released from a flat-mix tape in 2008, into modern quality standards. One track, which orginally didn't include Guy Bois is excluded. Additionally, a unlisted bonus track appears uncreditted at the end (4:10) of track 07 only on the physical product.

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