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07. The Ride (5:01) - Hill/Kirby


Produced by Chris Hill. Jam Pain Society opened for Ace during his solo shows in December 2007. The relationship turned into the band recording a track with Ace. Fronted by Leah Kirby, the band "is a potent blend of hard rock, dance, metal, industrial, funk and pop" (PR).

More PR: "Given Chris's early KISS obsession, it's quite fitting that when a mutual friend turned Ace Frehley on to Jam Pain Society and suggested he play on a song, Ace agreed. 'It was cool that he liked our stuff. Then, when he was into playing on a song? What a huge honor,' says Chris. Working with Ace on 'The Ride' was a blast and a bit surreal, according to Chris. 'Suddenly, the guy who made me want to pick up a guitar in the first place is asking me if that last take 'sounded okay'. Are you kidding me?' More than that, it was exciting, inspirational, and hugely fulfilling. Ace was pleased as well, sending a 'Sounds great!' note to Chris after hearing his final mix."


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