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A&E TV Promo DIDX-130055 (USA, 12/19/2006)


01. Rain Keeps Fallin' (3:55) - Gene Simmons « MP3 | LYRICS »
02. You're My Reason For Living (4:39) - Gene Simmons « MP3 | LYRICS »


Part of the deluxe Season 1 package from Gene's "Family Jewels" TV show. This bonus CD includes two songs expected to be featured on Gene's "MONSTER: THE GENE SIMMONS BOX SET." The version of Track 02 varies slightly from that released in 2003 on Gene's "Sex Money KISS" audio book lunch box and Japanese version of "Asshole." While it has more prominent drums, it lacks some of the electric guitar over-dubs and is 17 seconds longer, though most of that is the result of a longer fade-out. Track 01 is previously known as a song Gene demoed with members of Silent Rage around 1991. Several different lyrical versions of the song exist. Most interesting, perhaps, the riff at the start of this song can also be heard in a studio jam session with Dutch rockers Sleeze Beeze from around 1990/1 where Gene was working with the band on using his "Daily Planet" riff. They'd come up with the song "Jealous Woman" from the efforts, though the band didn't use it. This is a great example of Gene and his creativity. "Rain Keeps Fallin'" was being developed during the COS sessions, with one September 1993 re-write being known with interesting lyrics such as "Burning crosses in my own back yard" and "My name's on a cool headstone with a pretty rose."


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