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Casablanca/PolyGram NBLP-7254 (USA, 2/10/1981)


A1. Eugene (4:11) - Joe Renda, Ace Frehley « MP3 »
A2. Buzz Me (2:47) - Renda
A3. A Gay Ranchero (4:05) - Tuvium/Luban
A4. You (3:23) - Renda
A5. Ugga Ugga Boo (4:25) - Renda
B1. Little Puffies (4:21) - Renda
B2. Ice Cream (2:58) - Buzzeo
B3. Stranded In The Jungle (3:26) - Curry/Smith/Johnson
B4. Madam Palm (3:11) - Renda
B5. Blow Up (1:40) - Renda


Produced by Crazy Joe Renda, except track A1 produced by Crazy Joe Renda and Ace Frehley. Ace Frehley co-writes, co-produced and plays syndrum on A1. John Regan is a member of the band playing bass and Rob Sabino, a childhood friend of Ace's and also a later member of Frehley's Comet, appears on two tracks. For those who actually care about trivialities... The backwards-masked "message" from the alien leader in "Little Puffies" says: "Give me the low part and then we'll go up to there... Alright? See if we're really... We might be too fuckin' high... This might be the biggest piece of shit ever recorded..."


Backward masked message MP3 (236Kb)
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