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CHIKARA (**JAPAN) (1988)


Polystar P30R-20008 (Japan, 5/25/88)


01. Rock And Roll All Nite (2:48) - Simmons/Stanley
02. Detroit Rock City (5:14) - Stanley/Ezrin
03. Love Gun (3:17) - Stanley
04. I Was Made For Lovin' You (Extended Mix) (7:56) - Stanley/Child/Poncia
05. Creatures Of The Night (Remix) (4:02) - Stanley/Mitchell
06. I Love It Loud (Remix) (4:15) - Stanley/Cusano
07. War Machine (Remix) (4:15) - Simmons/Adams/Vallance
08. Lick It Up (3:55) - Stanley/Vincent
09. All Hell's Breakin' Loose (4:33) - Carr/Stanley/Vincent/Simmons
10. Heaven's On Fire (4:21) - Stanley/Child
11. Thrills In The Night (4:00) - Stanley/Beauvoir
12. Who Wants To Be Lonely (4:00) - Stanley/Child/Beauvoir
13. Uh! All Night (4:01) - Stanley/Child/Beauvoir
14. Tears Are Falling (3:55) - Stanley


A Japanese CD only compilation. Very rare. Released in anticipation of the Japan Tour 1988. Only 100,000 copies of this compilation were made. Early copies included a special sew-on patch of the Chikara symbol. Chikara picture discs are NOT official, and are bootlegs. Please Note: There are bootleg copies of this CD, you can tell the difference by slight variations in the quality of the cover print - mainly in the details such as clarity of the eyes and patches on jackets. It it isn't clear, it's probably fake.

Chart Action:

Chart Peak (JAP): #65.


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