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Casablanca NBLP-7133 (US, 1979)
Casablanca NBPIX-7133 (US, 1979 - Picture Disc)


A1. Take Me Home (6:42) - Aller/Etsy
A2. Wasn't It Good (4:22) - Aller/Etsy
A3. Say The Word (4:57) - Aller/Etsy
A4. Happy Was The Day We Met (3:57) - Castro
B1. Git Down (Guitar Groupie) (3:43) - Aller/Etsy
B2. Pain In My Heart* (3:23) - Bear
B3. Let This Be A Lesson To You (3:15) - Snow
B4. It's Too Late To Love Me Now* (3:37) - Bourke/Dobbins/Wilson
B5. My Song (Too Far Gone) (3:53) - Cher/Hudson


Produced by Bob Etsy. * Produced by Ron Dante. This album was reissued as a double pack with LP Prisoner in 1994. Cher's first album for Casablanca Records. The alleged uncredited appearance on track B1 was long considered as being something of a give-back for her appearing on his solo album the previous year. However, the voice heard shouting on the track is not Gene. Gene has commented that while he was in the studio while Cher was recording the album that he did not appear on it. Cher would record two more albums ("Prisoner," also released in 1979, and "Black Rose," a band project with then-boyfriend Les Dudek, released in 1980 that moved her away from disco into rock) for Casablanca before leaving the label for Geffen Records where her career would hit yet another zenith. The track was released as a B-side on Cher's "Hell On Wheels" single (7" NB-2208 & 12" NBD-20189, both 1979) from her next, and final Casablanca solo album.

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