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Genesis Recording Inc. BB81-4 (USA, 1981/2)


1. Peter Criss/Vocal (0:60) « MP3 »
2. Bus Boys/Vocal (0:60)
3. Peter Criss/Vocal (0:30) « MP3 »
4. Bus Boys/Vocal (0:30)


Produced by the D'Arcy-Mac Manus and Masius advertising agency (the CEO was a cousin of August Busch). Billboard reported in their August 22, 1981 edition that Peter was to record a commercial for Budweiser. While the backing track is probably generic studio musician work, with no suggestion of Peter "playing," the guitar sound on this radio jingle is very similar to that on Peter's "Out Of Control" album, suggesting that it may be Stan Penridge playing. That suggests a 1980-2 window, apart from the reel code BB81-4. The reel was distributed by Genesis Recording with one 60 second and one 30 second spot from both Peter and the Bus Boys. This "long" version has a nice, though brief, guitar solo.

Running 30 seconds this quick spot features the main verse and ends with the chorus: "This Bud's for you, there's no one else who does it quite the way you do (the way you do) / So here's to you, for all you do you know the 'King of Beer' is coming through // For all you do (For all you do) / This Bud's for you (This Bud's for you) / This Bud's for you."


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