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THE BOX SET - DISC 4 (2001)


Universal/Mercury 586 559-2 (USA, 11/20/2001)
Universal/Mercury 586 559-2 (UK, 12/3/2001)
Universal/Mercury UICY-7091 (Japan, 12/19/2001)
Universal/Mercury UICY-7096 (Japan, 12/19/2001)


01. Lick It Up (3:56) - Stanley/Vincent
02. All Hell's Breaking Loose (4:34) - Carr/Simmons/Stanley/Vincent
03. Heaven's On Fire (3:20) - Stanley/Child
04. Get All You Can Take (3:43) - Stanley
05. Thrills In The Night (4:21) - Stanley/Beauvoir
06. Tears Are Falling (3:55) - Stanley
07. Uh! All Night (4:03) - Stanley/Child/Beauvoir
08. Paul Stanley - Time Traveller (Demo) (4:57) - Stanley/Child « MP3 »
09. Hell Or High Water (3:27) - Simmons/Kulick
10. Crazy Crazy Nights (3:47) - Stanley/Mitchell
11. Reason To Live (4:00) - Stanley/Child
12. Let's Put The 'X' In Sex (3:50) - Stanley/Child
13. Hide Your Heart (4:25) - Stanley/Child/Knight
14. Ain't That Peculiar (Demo) (3:10) - Robinson/Tarplin/Rogers/Moore « MP3 »
15. Silver Spoon (4:41) - Stanley/Poncia
16. Forever (Remix) (3:50) - Stanley/Bolton


Track 14 is another of the Box Set's interesting inclusions: When one first looked at the new KISS box set, they probably would have been pleased to see that there was a previously unknown and unreleased demo from Eric Carr it the form of "Ain't That Peculiar." The music on this track would eventually become "Little Caesar." Unfortunately, the song, at least the lyrics were definitely not written by Eric and were really a metalized cover of Marvin Gaye's song of the same title. It would not be too surprising that this may have been the original intention with Eric's R&B musical background and the sort of songs his 1970s bands were covering, let alone the continuous rejection of his own material when presented to the band. While some lyrics are changed, slightly (as Ace did with his demo cover of Burt Bacharach's "Baby, It's You"), the rest of the song is a definite match for the song written by William "Smokey" Robinson, Marvin Tarplin, Robert Rogers, and Warren Moore. The song reached #8 on the US singles charts in 1965. Even more surprising is that KISS weren't sued for this song's inclusion (that we know of).



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