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Geffen GHS-24111 (USA, 9/9/1986)


A1. Nasty Nasty (4:29) - Thayer/St. James/Simmons « MP3 | LYRICS »
A2. I Want It All (I Want It Now) (4:23) - Warner/St. James/Simmons « MP3 | LYRICS »
A3. Does She Or Doesn't She (4:17) - Thayer/St. James/Simmons « MP3 | LYRICS »
A4. Kiss Of Death (5:07) - Thayer/St. James « MP3 | LYRICS »
B1. 12 O'Clock High (3:38) - Thayer/St. James « MP3 | LYRICS »
B2. Do What You Wanna Do (4:12) - Warner/St. James « MP3 | LYRICS »
B3. I'll Be There For You* (3:39) - Cain « MP3 | LYRICS »
B4. Rules (3:39) - Warner/St. James « MP3 | LYRICS »
B5. Best In The West (4:48) - Thayer/St. James « MP3 | LYRICS »


Produced by Gene Simmons except * Produced by Jonathan Cain; Peter Criss shares vocals on track B5 with Jamie St. James & Ron Keel. 3 songs on the album are co-written by Gene Simmons in addition to his production duties. Click on cover for large scan. Gene Simmons is actually on this album, at the beginning of "Nasty, Nasty" the spit is Jammie and Gene (second-part)... Reached #110 on the Billboard album charts.

Peter Criss also sang backing vocals on track B5. Jamie St. James recalled, "I actually got Peter Criss to come into the studio to sing on the Nasty Nasty record, and Gene and Peter hadn't talked in years, years and years. And Peter was actually scared to come in, but I talked him into it, and of course, once he gets to the studio, not much singing happened. Him and Gene just sat and talked and went on and on for hours. But it was kind of cool to see those guys unite and think, hey, I got those guys back together again a little bit. Peter is on there on a song called 'Best In The West.' His voice is in there. He's solo not just backgrounds" (Popoff, Martin - Hardradio).


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