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Elektra 662777-2 (US, 1994)


01. Black Lodge (Black Strings) (5:21) - Bernate/Ian/Bush
02. Black Lodge (Tremelo Mix) (5:23) - Bernate/Ian/Bush
03. Black Lodge (Mellow To Mad Mix) (5:20) - Bernate/Ian/Bush
04. Love Her All I Can+ (2:32) - Stanley/Simmons « MP3 »
05. Cowboy Song (5:03) - Downey/Lynott


+Produced by Dave Jerden and Anthrax. Mixed by Dave Jerden. Engineered by Bryan Carlstrom. One archival letter indicates that Gene and Paul were scheduled to record this song with Anthrax on December 22, 1992 at Eldorado Studios in North Hollywood, CA (KISS Kollector #6). Gene and Paul sing on the verses of the song while John Bush handled the chorus. Anthrax are famed for covering a number of KISS songs including "Watchin' You" (1995), "Parasite" (Live '91, 1994), and Parasite (1988) while also covering other big acts including Alice Cooper, the Sex Pistols, and Black Sabbath.

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