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Twenty-4-Records/Rocket Science Ventures RSVFB-001 (USA, 2/2/2010)
Stay Gold ARTSG-037 (Japan, 12/22/2010)
iTunes w/ Bonus Tracks (USA 5/19/14)


01. Fate (3:31) - Churko/Kulick/Rubolino « MP3 | LYRICS »
02. Ain't Gonna Die (4:11) - G. Simmons/Kulick/Rubolino « MP3 | LYRICS »
03. No Friend Of Mine (4:09) - Corabi/Kulick/Rubolino « MP3 | LYRICS »
04. Hand of the King (4:55) - N. Simmons/Kulick/Rubolino « MP3 | LYRICS »
05. I'll Survive (4:47) - Kulick/Rubolino « MP3 | LYRICS »
06. Dirty Girl (3:59) - Kulick/Rubolino « MP3 | LYRICS »
07. Final Mile (4:13) - Lavery/Kulick/Rubolino « MP3 | LYRICS »
08. I'm The Animal (4:42) - Sammet/Kulick/Rubolino « MP3 | LYRICS »
09. And I Know (3:17) - Kulick/Rubolino « MP3 | LYRICS »
10. Between The Lines - (3:53) Kulick/Rubolino « MP3 | LYRICS »
11. Life (4:32) - Kulick/Rubolino « MP3 | LYRICS »
12. Skydome* (5:18) - Kulick « MP3 | LYRICS »
13. Love And Desire** (4:41) - ?? « MP3 »
14. Ain't Gonna Die (Chew FU Remix)** (5:54) - G. Simmons/Kulick/Rubolino « MP3 »


Produced by Jeremy Rubolino. Co-produced by Bruce Kulick. Recorded at Stagg Street Sound Studios, Van Nuys, CA December 3-7, 2006; Office Studios, Van Nuys, CA, January 6, 2007; Shut Up And Play Studios, June 19-20, 26, July 11, 13, & 23, 2007; Track 01 recorded at Stagg Street Sound Studios, Van Nuys, CA; Track 02 recorded Henson Studios, Hollywood, CA, October 2008. Engineered by Kevin Churko; Track 08 recorded at Bob Kulick's Office Studios, Van Nuys, CA; Track 10 recorded at the Steakhouse Studios, North Hollywood, CA. Engineered by Steve Churchyard. Engineering by Brett Chassen and Brian Virtue. * Japanese bonus track from "Audio Dog." ** iTunes 2013 bonus tracks.


Bruce Kulick - Electric and acoustic guitars / lead vocals on 01, 05, 07, 09, & 11 / bass on 03, 04, 05, 09, & 11 / backing vocals
Jeremy Rubolino - Bass on 01, 02, 06-08, 11 / acoustic guitar on 03 / piano on 10 / keyboards on 05, 11 / backing vocals
Kevin Churko - Drums on 01
Gene Simmons - Lead vocals on 02 & 14
Brent Fitz - Drums on 02-07, 09, 11
Ken Gullic - Backing vocals on 02 & 05
Jeremy Lichter - Backing vocals on 02 & 05
Wally Wingert - Backing vocals on 02 & 05
Mark Robertson - Strings on 02 & 11 / solo violin on 11
Alma Fernandez - Strings on 02 & 11
Sam Fischer - Strings on 02 & 11
Vanessa Freebairn-Smith - Strings on 02 & 11
John Corabi - Lead vocals on 03
Cliff Calabro - Backing vocals on 03, 09, and 11
Nick Simmons - Lead vocals on 04
George Kerhulas - Hammond B3 on 05
Christian Malmin - Backing vocals on 05
Levana Waiche - Backing vocals on 05
Neely Waiche - Backing vocals on 05
Doug Fieger - Lead vocal on 06 / percussion on 06
Tobias Sammet - Lead vocals on 08
Eric Singer - Drums on 08
Steve Lukather - Lead guitar on 10
Jimmy Haslip - Bass on 10 & 11
Kenny Aronoff - Drums on 10
Tim Cashion - Percussion/effects on 11
Andrew London - Lead vocals on 13


From the first riffs of "Fate," it's clear you're in for a wild ride with Bruce's forthcoming solo effort. The churning track rips along as an almost more melodic "Carnival Of Souls" type song. Bruce's vocal effort perfectly compliments the song, and the guitar work has the energy and execution signature reminiscent of "Revenge." Former Kiss employer Gene Simmons guests on "Ain't Gonna Die," which provides an incredible musical reunion with a fantastic effort by Gene. Most importantly, the track isn't some cookie-cutter type Kiss clone, it simply leverages Gene's highly recognizable voice, though with some new twists to the way he delivers. Musically, the drums on track immediately makes me think of the title track on "Psycho Circus," but the lush musical landscape is miles above that musical desert.

"No Friend of Mine" was previously released as a teaser for fans during Bruce's Australian tour. With Union singer John Corabi on vocals, this piece immediately reminds the listener of that most excellent band (and further hopes of collaborations in the future). With a mellow verse perfectly suited to Corabi's voice, Bruce provides soaring lead work that perfectly compliments the song. Corabi brings a special power to the music on the very positive chorus. A second member of the Simmons family features on "Hand Of The King:" Gene's son, Nick. This dark and brooding track takes the tempo down and strips away any other than the most needed elements to present mood. It's a decent effort by Nick, reminding me in parts almost of an electric Cult vocal. Bruce takes no prisoners on the solo! Interesting lyrical subject matter too...

"I'll Survive" is rich acoustic based piece with beautiful acoustic guitar tones. Listening to it I felt Bruce was finally fully realized as a vocalist. It's pretty obvious the subject matter relates to his shooting incident in October 2003. Bruce had been shot on October 16 outside the Key Club in West Hollywood, CA following a Vince Neil show. Bruce was hit in the leg and temple grazed by random gunfire though the gunman was quickly subdued by the crowd, apparently receiving a severe beating before police arrived. This song is influenced by the Pink Floyd/Beatles school of sound and provides a nice stylistic break in the album's running order. "Dirty Girl" features Doug Fieger (The Knack) and is a fun mid-tempo piece you'll be bopping your head too in no time at all! Bruce becomes the second KISS guitarist to record a song with Doug - the first was Vinnie Vincent on the 1983 Was Not Was album. According to Bruce, the song is about "A woman who is not aware she could have it all, but instead is just difficult with everyone, and just caught up with herself. So a kind of love song, but a frustrating one" (Kulick.net). Bruce picks up the mic again on "The Final Mile," another excellent effort.

The select group of guests continues with Eric Singer playing drums on "I'm The Animal," which features Tobias Sammet (Avantasia/Edguy) on lead vocals. This "rocker" (appropriately, the working title of the song) track is pure attitude, and Eric's drumming provides a nice contrast to the rest of the album and Bruce's solo is another stand-out. The uplifting "And I Know," the second of the "EP" tracks, is another comfortable Bruce vocal with positive message and an "happy" basic track. It's lyrics were twisted around from their originally sweet origins.

Steve Lukather guests on the funk-rock instrumental "Between The Lines" which includes some very thick guitar sounds. There's no dueling, just very complimentary work by the two guitarists. It's very obvious who is playing what since Lukather has a very obvious style. The rhythm section on this track includes Bruce's former Blackjack bass player Jimmy Haslip and Kenny Aronoff. The album closes, fittingly, with "Life," another Bruce vocal, which delves into Tom Petty territory. With lush production and Beatles-esqe orchestral enhancements, it's a final delivery of the positive message that permeates the album.

BK3 will be released February 16th on Twenty 4 Records /Rocket Science Ventures. Without doubt it illustrates that Bruce has developed much in the time since his last solo album.

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