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Casablanca/Astor NBLP-7076 (Australia, 12/5/77)
Mercury/PolyGram 822 781-2 (Australia, 2/95 Special Reissue w/ EP)
Casablanca/PolyGram NBLP-7076 (Canada, 1977)
Casablanca/Phonogram 6685-043 (Europe)
Casablanca/Vogue CBLA-72005/6 (France, 1977)
Casablanca/Bellaphon NB-7027 (Germany, 1977)
Casablanca/Phonogram 6685-043 (Germany, 1980)
Casablanca/Phonogram CALP-5014/15 (Italy, 1980)
Casablanca/Victor VIP-9529/30 (Japan, 1977 - Gatefold Cover)
Casablanca/Polystar 19S-3/4 (Japan, 1980)
Polystar R32C-2030/31 (Japan, 1984)
Polystar (Japan, 1987 - CD Reissue)
Mercury PHCR-10023/24 (Japan, 1997 - CD Remaster)
Mercury PHJR-20010/11 (Japan, 7/15/1998 - Colored Vinyl Box Set)
Universal/Mercury PHCR-94057/58 (Japan, 9/19/1998 - CD Remaster Reissue)
Universal/Mercury UICY-2365 (Japan, 9/21/02 - Reissue)
Universal/Mercury UICY-93098/99 (Japan, 7/5/06 - Limited Edition)
Universal/Mercury UICY-6645/6 (Japan, 12/20/06 - Reissue)
Casablanca/Gamma GX-01-970 (Mexico, 1977)
Casablanca/PolyGram LPR-43011 (Mexico, 1978)
Casablanca NAD-7040 (South Africa)
Casablanca/Pye CALD-5004 (UK, 11/77 * also as red vinyl)
Casablanca/PolyGram 822 781-2 (UK, 5/89 - CD reissue)
Casablanca NBLP-7076 (US, 11/28/77)
Casablanca/PolyGram 822-781-1/2/4 (US Reissue 7/85, CD, 7/7/87)
Mercury 532-382-2/4 (US Remaster, 8/12/97, inc. tattoos & booklet reprint)


A1. Detroit Rock City (3:58) - Stanley/Ezrin « MP3 | LYRICS »
A2. King Of The Night Time World (3:06) - Fowley/Anthony/Stanley/Ezrin « MP3 | LYRICS »
A3. Ladies Room (3:11) - Simmons « MP3 | LYRICS »
A4. Makin' Love (3:13) - Stanley/Delaney « MP3 | LYRICS »
A5. Love Gun (3:34) - Stanley « MP3 | LYRICS »
B1. Calling Dr. Love (3:32) - Simmons « MP3 | LYRICS »
B2. Christine Sixteen (2:45) - Simmons « MP3 | LYRICS »
B3. Shock Me (5:51) - Frehley « MP3 | LYRICS »
B4. Hard Luck Woman (3:06) - Stanley « MP3 | LYRICS »
B5. Tomorrow And Tonight (3:20) - Stanley « MP3 | LYRICS »
C1. I Stole Your Love (3:36) - Stanley « MP3 | LYRICS »
C2. Beth (2:24) - Criss/Penridge/Ezrin « MP3 | LYRICS »
C3. God Of Thunder (5:16) - Stanley « MP3 | LYRICS »
C4. I Want You (4:14) - Stanley « MP3 | LYRICS »
C5. Shout It Out Loud (3:37) - Simmons/Stanley/Ezrin « MP3 »
(USA #54, 1/21/78; CAN #74)
D1. All American Man (3:13) - Stanley/Delaney « MP3 | LYRICS »
D2. Rockin' In The U.S.A. (2:44) - Simmons « MP3 | LYRICS »
D3. Larger Than Life (3:55) - Simmons « MP3 | LYRICS »
D4. Rocket Ride (4:07) - Frehley/Delaney « MP3 | LYRICS »
(USA #39, 2/25/78; CAN #46)
D5. Any Way You Want It (2:33) - Clark « MP3 | LYRICS »


Produced by Eddie Kramer and KISS. Tracks A1-C5 recorded live at The Forum, Inglewood (Los Angeles), CA, August 26 - 28, 1977; and Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan, April 1977. Tracks D1-D5, recorded at Capital Theatre, Passaic, NJ, and Electric Lady Studios, New York City, NY, September 1977. Engineered by Eddie Kramer and Corky Stasiak. Mixed by Eddie Kramer and Neil Dorfsman at Electric Lady Studios, New York City, NY. Bob Kulick plays lead guitars on D1-D3. Includes booklet, "The Evolution Of KISS" and a set of tattoos. The 1997 "Remaster" liner notes finally mentioned Bob Kulick's involvement in the recording of the studio side of the album. There exists a version of the album which includes "Take Me", "Do You Love Me", and "Hooligan" on the track-listing of the back cover. This was once extremely rare, but has been found in greater numbers than previously thought though it still remains a desirable collector's item. In addition to the US version, some 1980 Mexican copies also have a similar misprint. New Zealand has a version that uses "Dynasty" style center-rings...

Performance credits:

All American Man - Bob Kulick on lead guitar
Rockin' In The USA - Bob Kulick on lead guitar
Larger Than Life - Bob Kulick on lead guitar
Rocket Ride - Ace Frehley on bass
Any Way You Want It - Paul Stanley on lead guitar
** The KISS box set details that Rick Derringer played on "Larger Than Life." However, Rick's official discography omits this alleged contribution, while including his later work with the band ("Exciter"). Some also question the drummer...

Chart Action:

Chart Peak (USA): #7 (1/7/78) with 33 weeks on charts. Other countries: CAN #5; SWE #28; UK #60.

First Charting (30 weeks):

Second Charting (3 weeks):


"Alive II" was certified gold and platinum by the RIAA on 11/28/77. It attained double platinum certification on 2/26/96 and has sold over 304,000 (3/12) copies since the SoundScan era commenced in 1991. The album was certified gold and platinum by the CRIA (Canada) for sales of 100,000 copies on 2/1/78. The album was certified gold by the ARIA (Australia) for sales of 20,000 copies in June 1978.

Performed Live:

For some diehard fan it verges on the criminal that no song from the studio side of this album, particularly "Rocket Ride," was performed live in electric format until "All American Man" debut on July 20, 2007. All of the "Alive II" studio tracks were at least partially attempted on numerous occasions during the Konvention tour in 1995. None really made it to completion at the time.


New Zealand "Dynasty" Alive II Center-ring
UK "Love Gun" Style | UK Alive II Red Vinyl Album
US 1st Issue (Type 1) | 1st Issue (Type 2) | 1st Issue (Type 3) | PolyGram
Inner Dust Sleeve: Front | Back
Tattoo Sheet: Front | Back
Merchandise form: Page 1 | Page 2
Evolution Of KISS: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 | Page 6 | Page 7 | Page 8
US PolyGram: Rear Cover Credits

[Alive II Misprint]
The United States version of the rear cover song credit misprint. This issue was probably not a "promo," as long believed, as copies have been reported first-hand as being found in "cut-out" bins at the time...

[Alive II Misprint]
The Mexican version of the rear cover song credit misprint. Interestingly, this version is identified as a PolyGram release due to the "LPR" call letters in the top right of the cover - the original release of the album was via Gamma Records, so it is unknown whether the original issue had the same misprint or the sort of quantities of albums this affected...

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