Eric Carr

Personal Data

Character: "The Fox"
KISS Tenure: 1980-91
Instrument(s): Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Harmonica
Real Name: Paul Charles Caravello
Birth Date: July 12, 1950
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York City, NY
Death Date: November 24, 1991
Death Place: Bellvue Hospital, New York City, NY
Parents: Albert & Connie (1929-2010)
Spouse(s)/Partner: None.
Children: None.

Pre-KISS Employment

Delivery Man
Gas Oven Repair Man

Pre-KISS Bands

The Allures, The Cellarmen, Smack, Things That Go Bump In The Night, Salt 'N Pepper, Creation, Mother Nature / Father Time, Bionic Boogie, Lightning, Flasher
Eric Carr Bandology (PDF)

Extra-curricular Activities



Eric Carr Biography

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